Womans Gets Revenge On Cheating Boyfriend By Convincing His Mistress He Died

Being cheated on sucks. It’s a major betrayal and can really do a number on your self-worth and your ability to trust. However, one woman decided not to be beaten down by her boyfriend’s infidelity. Instead, she hatched a genius plan to get revenge by convincing his mistress that he died.

thea loveridge tiktokTikTok/@thealoveridge

  1. Thea Loveridge was pregnant with her son and things were going well. She and her partner were about to welcome their first child and it felt like a dream. That is, until, she discovered that he was having an affair on the side. Even worse, the woman he was having a relationship with was his ex-girlfriend.
  2. The ex-girlfriend had been causing issues for a while. Thea found out that her boyfriend had been carrying on with her throughout the entirety of her pregnancy. She also revealed in a now-deleted TikTok that the ex had been “messaging me constantly through my pregnancy” attempting to cause problems in her relationship.
  3. Thea’s boyfriend ended up in jail. While she didn’t share what happened to land him there, she did use the opportunity to her advantage. While Thea’s boyfriend was locked up, the ex was constantly messaging asking where he was and why he wasn’t responding. That’s when Thea responded and let her know that he would never answer because he sadly passed away.
  4. Thea’s boyfriend’s sister even helped her out. Together, they staged a fake funeral and took photos to send the ex-girlfriend to fully complete the ruse. And while Thea’s boyfriend got out of jail for about a year before going back, he apparently chose not to go back to his ex-girlfriend. In fact, Thea claims the ex is still none the wiser.
  5. The ex-girlfriend apparently still believes the guy is dead. “She posts little tributes every year on her Facebook page to the love of her life and how she’s sorry she couldn’t be there when he died,” Thea said in a TikTok video. Viewers didn’t believe it at first, but Thea kept receipts! Well, that’s a whole new level of pettiness!

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