Woman’s ‘UTI’ Was Actually A Glass Tumbler Cup Lodged In Bladder For 4 Years

A woman who doctors mistakenly believed was suffering from a urinary tract infection actually had a glass tumbler cup stuck in her bladder for four years. The 45-year-old sought medical help after experiencing typical UTI symptoms but after having a scan, the horrifying truth was revealed.

  1. The tumbler cup was stuck inside an 8-cm wide bladder stone. Normally, these stones are so small that the naked eye struggles to see them. Suffice it to say, the stone was significantly larger than usual in the woman’s body.
  2. The woman, from Tunisia, revealed how it got there. She told medical professionals at Academic Hospital Habib Bourguiba that she’d used the glass cup as a sex toy four years prior by inserting it into the urethra. Ouch! How is that even possible?
  3. The bizarre case was published in the medical journal Urology Case Reports. Along with the details of the case were images of the glass and the bladder stone that surrounded it after her attempt at “urethral sounding” went drastically wrong.
  4. This is a very serious and dangerous problem. As the report stated: “The motivations most frequently associated with the presence of foreign bodies within the bladder are of a sexual or erotic nature. Various objects have been inserted into the bladder and many patients fail to remove them themselves and are very embarrassed to seek medical advice, which is the origin of a clinical picture which is most often atypical which occurs in a patient particular terrain.”
  5. Thankfully, the woman made a full recovery. Two days after the bladder stone and cup were removed, she was well enough to be discharged from the hospital. “Complicated forms are those diagnosed late and often associated with recurrent urinary tract infections, lithiasis and/or fistulas,” the study concluded. “The best treatment remains preventive by balancing the underlying etiopathogenic disorder and by a good sex education.”
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