More Women Would Rather Cuddle With A Pet Than A Partner, Study Says

Having a regular cuddle buddy is one of the best parts of being in a relationship for many people, and it makes sense. After all, what’s better than curling up on the couch or in bed in your comfy clothes, watching some Netflix, eating snacks, and just being super relaxed with the person you love? It’s an incredibly intimate thing to do and one that can do wonders for your relationship, but apparently not everyone loves cuddling—at least not with a romantic partner.

A new survey performed by mattress company Leesa revealed that an insane (and kinda hilarious) 58% of women would rather get cozy with a pet than a partner. A quarter of women also enjoyed cuddling with a family member, such as a child, and 32% did still pick an S.O. as their top cuddle buddy, so it’s not all bad news for our boyfriends.

In comparison, 40% of men like cuddling with their pets best, but the majority (48.2%) still love getting up close and personal with a romantic partner. Roughly one in three people liked to be cuddling when in bed with their partners, which kinda proves that while we like to glorify snuggling as some lovey-dovey couple thing to do, a lot of us really like our space (unless, of course, our dog is around).

Perhaps this has something to do with our response to cuddling. For 66% of women, cuddling with our partners just makes us want to cuddle even more because it’s so comfy and relaxing. Unfortunately, dudes don’t feel the same. A whopping 79% of them get aroused by cuddling and hope it’ll lead to something else. Ugh, of course.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, spooning is most couples’ go-to cuddling method, with guys taking the role of the big spoon 90.3% of the time (come on, guys, switch it up!). A little over 30% of both men and women prefer cuddling when in bed, while roughly a quarter of people prefer to do it before bed or after having sex. Other than that, it seems like a lot of us will stick to snuggling with Fido.

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