For Women Who Are Easily Annoyed, These 12 Struggles Are Too Real

Sure, you try not to blow minor inconveniences out of proportion, but sometimes you just can’t help it—everyone and everything is so damn annoying. If this sounds like you, you’ll probably relate to these daily struggles.

  1. People who walk slow and stop in the middle of the sidewalk are the worst. Seriously, the sidewalk is a path for walking, so doing anything other than that—stopping mid-stride to take a picture, send a text, or just space out—is not cool. You have places to go and things to do, so everyone needs to keep it moving.
  2. Dudes who take forever to text back aren’t just rude, they’re infuriating. Sure, guys who take forever to respond to your texts or leaves you hanging altogether clearly isn’t worth your time, but that doesn’t mean they don’t piss you off while you’re still actually talking to them. He’s not too busy to be on Instagram posting gym selfies twice a day, so what’s his damage?
  3. Same goes for dudes who ask to “hang out” and then bail last minute. They basically beg to see you over the weekend and really talk up what a great time you’re going to have chilling hard together… and then he bails. Either they text you last minute to BS that “something came up” or they say nothing at all, leaving it to you to text them to find out if your plans are still on. They’re not and they suck.
  4. Oh, and what about dudes who go out with you multiple times then claim they “just want something casual”? That’s fine if a guy isn’t looking for a relationship, but could he not say that, you know, from the first date? Before you wasted your valuable time going out with him repeatedly? You thought there was relationship potential there and when you broach the topic, he drops this bomb on you. What an a-hole.
  5. There’s nothing worse than people who think they’re funny but really aren’t. You’re all for corny jokes, but some people just try way too hard to be funny when it’s clear they’re just not. It’s even worse when they laugh at their own jokes, clearly thinking themselves hilarious. It’s the hardest thing ever not to roll your eyes.
  6. Why does McDonald’s call itself “fast food” when you’re waiting 900 years for a large fries? Yo, seriously. All you want is your damn fries and a few measly packets of ketchup (which you’ll no doubt have to ask for again because they’ll forget to put it in the bag) and yet you’re sprouting grey hairs waiting in line for it to be ready. Worse than that, when you do finally get them, they’ll be stone cold and clearly sat out for ages. UGH!
  7. Greaaaaat, the train is making all local stops, making your ride home 20 minutes longer. Cool, cool. You’re exhausted after a long day at work and your public transport method of choice is trying your patience by deciding to make 15 extra stops along the way, lengthening your journey and snuffing out your will to live. Why is this happening?!
  8. Your friends’ weddings aren’t fun, they’re another obnoxious event for which you have to spend money. I mean, you’re happy for them and all, but why is their marriage your financial burden? Their registry is full of gifts that start in the triple-digit prices and you also have to get a fancy outfit (even more if you’re in the wedding party itself). It’s supposed to be a cause for celebration, you know, but you mostly consider it a cause for annoyance.
  9. Some idiot just posted spoilers for tonight’s episode of [insert show here] literally 20 minutes after it aired. Who does that?? It’s on the DVR and you’re about to watch it, but while you’re paused on the title screen waiting for your mac and cheese to finish cooking, you scroll down your Twitter feed and see some dillweed has already told you what happened at the end of the episode. Thanks a lot, douche.
  10. Instagram “influencers” who are fake AF but act like their lives are perfect make your blood boil. It clearly took them 65 shots to get that one perfectly staged shot of them drinking some diet tea or getting their eyebrows done for the sixth time this week, but mindless drones that follow them comment in the thousands about how “flawless” they are. Get a life. Influencers blow, the end.
  11. It’s just your luck that you finally found the perfect pair of jeans… and they’re sold out in your size. Not only that, but they’re not doing a restock for at least six weeks. WTF? If a company is going to sell a product, they should make sure they have the means to fulfill the demand for it. Now you have to stay with the pair you’ve had for about three years that are starting to sag in the butt because the fabric is so stretched. Awesome.
  12. Screaming kids everywhere you go? A big old NOPE to that. You go for dinner at a nice restaurant and a family of four is seated right next to you and the kids are not happy about being there. They start screaming almost immediately. You’re trying to have some retail therapy at Target and a frazzled mom is dragging her screeching toddler through the face wash aisle. Screaming kids are everywhere and they’re literally the worst.


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