Women Like Their Friends More Than Their Partners, Study Says

In what is perhaps the least surprising survey result in the world, women apparently love hanging out with our BFFs even more than we do with our long-term partners. It’s not that we don’t love the guys in our lives, it’s just that our girls are so much more fun.

Champneys Health Spa is behind the survey. They asked 1,517 women from the UK about their social preferences, and pretty much half said that time with their BFF trumps time with their partner. It’s worth noting that all the women surveyed were married, so they’ve probably been with their S.O. long enough that the shine has worn off a bit.

Their reasoning is pretty simple. The women who said they’d prefer the company of their female friends felt that way because they believe they can understand each other better and that their friends actually listen to what they have to say rather than tuning them out. I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer to be listened to too.

But that’s not all… According to the survey, other reasons women who prefer their friends to the partners felt that way because they can talk about everything, they can share secrets that the women couldn’t tell their partners, they enjoy the same things, they laugh more together, and they’ve known each other longer. There were other reasons too, but those were pretty popular.

A lot of women aren’t feeling the company of men at all. Of the respondents, 60% said they have more fun when guys just aren’t around, whether it’s their partner or just some rando. That might seem harsh, but to be honest, I can’t say I blame them. Maybe if dudes were more considerate, so many women wouldn’t have to feel this way. Until then, it seems a majority of us will prefer the company of our fellow ladies.

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