Women Fall In Love With Binge Drinkers Because They Seem Stronger & Healthier Than Average Men, Science Says

By the time you get out of college, you should probably have grown out of your tendency to drink to excess. It’s unhealthy, dangerous, and really unattractive. However, a recent study found that women are more likely to fall in love with binge drinkers as imbibing to excess is apparently a sign of strength and health.

  1. Evolutionarily speaking, binge drinking bodes well. According to data from the University of Buffalo and the University of Pennsylvania, binge drinking apparently sends a “sexual signal” to women, telling them that the males engaging in this behavior are “healthy and strong.”  Not only that, it gives women insight into a guy’s personality, which then helps her assess his worthiness as a potential partner.
  2. Men drink more when there aren’t enough single women to go around. The study determined that the more single men are around when there are fewer available single women, the more likely those men were to drink to excess. In other words, if there are 10 guys in a room but only six women, the men will be way more likely to get hammered than if there were 10 guys and 12 women.
  3. Are guys subconsciously showing off? The previous revelation makes you wonder: are men drinking heavier to try and look more tough and masculine to women without even realizing that’s why they’re doing it? Likely, yes. And it obviously works since women tend to view men like this as being hyper-masculine and strong.
  4. It all comes down to evolutionary theory. “More eligible men compared to women was associated with higher male binge drinking rates but lower female binge drinking rates,” the study concluded. “Our findings generally support predictions der­ived from evolutionary theory and suggest binge drinking may function as a costly sexual signal, conditionally regulated by age and the local sex ratio.”
  5. The findings are actually pretty shocking. Logically speaking, binge drinkers just aren’t attractive. The more wasted you are, the more likely you are to act like an idiot because you’re not in control of your behavior and you’re not of sound, sober mind. The fact that women seem evolutionarily more drawn to men who binge drink—that is, consuming more than five drinks in a single sitting—seems shocking, since from the outside, drunk guys don’t seem like they’d be good partners at all. Ah well, sometimes there’s just no understanding the human brain.

[H/T The Sun]

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