Women Have To ‘Submit And Surrender’ To Men To Be Happy, Relationship Guru Claims

A relationship expert has drawn ire for insisting that women have to “submit and surrender” to men if they want a happy, healthy relationship. Alisa Abdullaeva from Atlanta shared her “confronting” advice on TikTok, where viewers were shocked by her insistence that men are women’s superiors.

  1. Women have been doing this dating thing all wrong. If you keep striking out with men and wondering why it’s not working, have you ever considered that it’s because you refuse to bend to a man’s will? “[Most women] want to marry a man who is a provider and protector,” Alisa said in the now-viral clip. “The key to finding a man who is a provider and protector is to learn how to respect authority.”
  2. Who really needs equality? Women may have been fighting for it for decades, but according to Alisa, that’s a waste of time and it’s keeping you miserable. “If we live in a society where we feel like we’re equal, men will never feel the desire to protect you and provide for you,” she continued.
  3. Alisa believes in a hierarchy. Doubling down on her views, the “spiritual speaker” claimed that life would be better for everyone if we all just knew our place. “First comes God, then gurus, then men, then women, and then cats and dogs and children,” she explained.
  4. Women are unstable and need to be controlled. Alisa finished up her tirade by claiming that “every woman is emotional and uncontrollable with her emotions” and that women are guilty of wanting relationships “to go [only] the way she wants it to go.” Huh.
  5. Unsurprisingly, people aren’t feeling it. The comments section of the video lit up, with one person remarking: “I’d rather stay single, thanks.” Another took a more pragmatic approach: “I also disagree. Many men desire a strong, confident independent woman. Many man (sic) are attracted to that.” Alisa, however, retorted: “Only insecure men are looking for confident, independent women.”

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