How Women Can Take Back The Dating World Once & For All

When it comes to today’s dating culture, sometimes it seems like guys are calling all the shots. We’re not seeing nearly as much commitment and are no strangers to rude texting and unwelcome penis pictures. But we can change things — here’s how:

  1. Stop engaging with the douchebags.The guys on Tinder and online dating sites that seem to live for trolling and are always making rude and derogatory comments or sending penis pictures need to be ignored. If we stop engaging, proceed to unmatch and move on, these types of men will eventually run out of women to play with.
  2. Stop accepting “Netflix and chill” as a viable date.We shouldn’t be so desperate for a relationship or companionship that we’re willing to settle for a couch and a $7 monthly subscription as a thoughtful way to spend time getting to know someone. If you’re looking for more, don’t settle for less.
  3. Don’t entertain silly dating games.If he starts to play the “wait several hours or days to respond” or “I’m so busy” game to attempt to lure you in more, don’t play into it. Don’t play the same games back. Be honest and truthful about what you’re looking for and if you’re not on the same page, keep moving forward on your journey. Life’s too short to force things that aren’t meant to be.
  4. Confront ghosting. Ghosting is an a-hole thing to do, no matter who you are. Period. This doesn’t mean we have to be mean when we confront the person who’s trying to make a gutless exit, but a simple, “Hey, if you’re not into me it’s totally OK, but please let me know so I’m not left hanging!” is a perfectly legit and reasonable thing to say.
  5. Refuse to be a competitor in a player’s world.If you’re dating someone who’s still playing the field and swiping on Tinder and you want more, drop him. You’re not a contestant on The Bachelor. If he truly cares about you, he won’t let you get away so easily. And if he does, you dodged a bullet and saved yourself from wasting your time.
  6. Don’t allow laziness to impress you.Good morning texts are sweet and all, but we need to stop viewing this as genuine effort. Date a man who will walk you to your front door and waits for you to get safely inside. Date the man who picks up a phone and calls you just to hear your voice. Stop dating the guy who thinks liking your selfie on Instagram and telling you that you’re beautiful with actual words are the same thing.
  7. Stop picking up and responding to late night calls and texts.Unless you’ve been dating long enough to know things are headed in a serious direction, this should never be OK. If you’ve been hanging out only a few weeks and he thinks it’s OK to drunk dial you and try to come over at 2am, show him you deserve more by letting his call go to voicemail.
  8. Accept intentions at face value and walk away if it’s not what you want. If a guy is clear upfront that he’s not looking for anything serious or that he has an issue with commitment, believe him. We need to stop dating these men hoping that we’ll be the women who’ll change their minds. Although the men who are serious about their long-term intent are rarer to come by these days, they are out there, and you deserve to have what you want.
  9. Never deny yourself the dignity you deserve.We’re women who know what we want, and when we’re looking for love but accepting crappy behavior, we’re sabotaging ourselves. The best thing we can all do to take back the control is hold our heads high with dignity and walk away from anything that doesn’t serve to satisfy the love we want in our lives.