The Women Worth Having Won’t Wait Around For A Guy To Get His Act Together

We’re strong, smart, independent and have everything to offer the right guy — but if you want us, you’ll have to catch us. With such fulfilling lives going for us already, we’re not going to wait around for dudes who don’t appreciate what they have right in front of them. You either get your act together and make a real go of things with us or we head out the door. Here’s why:

We know our worth. 

Women worth having as girlfriends really know that we’re worthy. That’s what sets us apart from other women and makes us so powerful. We don’t need to wait around for a guy who’s not making a real move because we believe — rather, we KNOW — we’re worth guys who make much more effort.

We don’t need a guy to make us feel good. 

Sure, we feel flattered when guys flirt with us, but we don’t need male attention in order to feel good about themselves, attractive or worthy of a relationship. We enter the dating scene already equipped with all those qualities, which makes us a force to be reckoned with.

We aren’t desperate

Since we’re not waiting around hoping to catch a guy’s eye, we walk into a room and give off confident, carefree vibes instead of clingy ones. This makes us more of a catch and allows the relationships we do get into to be healthy because while we know we’d like a guy in our lives, we definitely don’t need one.

We don’t need our other halves — we’re already whole. 

Women whose lives are filled with great and wonderful things won’t be wasting their time on men who become negative distractions from all that greatness. Our lives are so full that we know a guy had better step up if he wants to be a part of it. If he does, great, but he won’t be the priority. We want a guy who complements our lives, not takes over them.

We aren’t yo-yos. 

There are too many women out there who are bright and successful AF, yet they allow men to mess with their minds. This can be due to a strong need for male affirmation, which is understandable, but women who know we’re worthy don’t do this crap — we definitely don’t. We don’t depend on validation from men so it doesn’t end up ruling our minds and hearts.

We know we have options. 

Instead of being stuck on the idea of wanting one guy and obsessing over him, we know that there are plenty of fish in the sea when it comes to dating and we have the confidence to realize that there’s someone out there who will fit us and our lives perfectly. We’ll find him when it’s meant to happen.

We know a guy’s gotta earn it.

 Women who value themselves know that men have to earn our interest, affection and love. It’s not something that we’ll hand out on a silver platter to the first guy who comes along and shows a bit of interest. It would be like throwing the keys to a Ferrari to a stranger. Yeah, men, keep dreaming.

We know how to spot red flags in the early stages of dating. 

It helps to be measured and cautious when getting to know a guy and that’s exactly what we do. That doesn’t mean we play games or play hard to get, but we guard our hearts and keep our eyes open for any signs that the guy in question isn’t quite right.

We love ourselves first.

We’ve worked hard to be the women we are and we’re not going to let a guy come along and destroy the empires we’re building. To us, self-love is the most important and powerful dating ammunition because it prevents us from settling and putting up with less than we deserve.

We don’t sacrifice our sanity. 

Spending lots of time analyzing what a guy means when he says something or why a guy hasn’t called after a date is what everyone’s done at some stage, but we refuse to let this get us stuck in a mental loop. We’d rather focus on other, more productive things, and if a guy’s giving us mixed signals then screw him.

We act like a prize because we are. 

What sets women worth having apart from the rest? We know we’re a prize and we act like it. We were born to be a priority, not an option, so we carry ourselves in a confident, collected way because of this. A man has to meet our standards. If he doesn’t, we’re strong enough to walk away.

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