I Won’t Apologize For Being A Strong Woman — Deal With It

I Won’t Apologize For Being A Strong Woman — Deal With It ©iStock/m-imagephotography

I’ve spent my whole life being broken down and building myself back up again to become the strong and badass woman I am today and I shouldn’t have to apologize for it. I’ve got my stuff handled in life, I’m not afraid to express my opinion and I’m fully prepared to take the lead when other people are slacking. I’m a strong woman and I’m damn proud of it.

  1. I went through hell to be who I am. I wasn’t born this strong, nor did I suddenly wake up one day and decide this was who I was going to be. I am who I am because of the stuff I’ve been put through. I used to be weak and I used to let people walk all over me. I broke down a hundred times and got my ass right back up again and fought the demons off one by one to come back stronger than ever. Why would I want to hide that?
  2. I won’t allow a guy to walk all over me — I’m not a doormat. I refuse to let one more a-hole into my heart just to take advantage of me and walk all over the best parts of me. I won’t bow down to any guy who doesn’t deserve it, nor will I sit idle and silent while some guy tries to mold me into who he thinks I should be. I’ve learned my lessons and I know what I will and won’t accept into my life. Players aren’t welcome.
  3. Being strong doesn’t mean I’m not sensitive. I may be strong, but behind my hard-headed exterior is actually a buttery soft core and an extremely emotional and sensitive woman — but that doesn’t make me weak. I’m strong when I need to be. It depends on who you are and how you choose to treat me as to whether you get to see my soft side or not.
  4. I shouldn’t have to apologize because someone’s intimidated. I shouldn’t have to explain myself, but since much of society still has a problem with women like me, I’ll set the record straight: I don’t give a damn who’s intimidated. My story is mine and it doesn’t concern anyone else. I didn’t become who I am by accident — I am who I am because I’m a survivor.
  5. Going after what I want in life is my right. I’ll chase all my career dreams and I’ll never back down from a goal I want to achieve — and that has nothing to do with trying to prove myself superior to anyone. The only person I’m trying to be better than is the woman I was yesterday, and no amount of criticism will ever get me to shy away from my dreams.
  6. I refuse to buy into a 1950s mentality. I grew up in a completely different era, one that’s decades past the old logic so many people try to hold on to. Guys have judged me for coming across as too strong-willed and some have even said my ambition is intimidating. Um, what? The last time I checked, it’s 2016 and strong women are taking over. If you can’t handle the facts, hop into your time machine and roll back to an era where your unevolved mentality still holds some weight.
  7. Being weak is no longer an option. I’ll never go back to the weak girl I used to be — I’m a grown woman now. Falling down and staying down isn’t an option I’ll ever take. I’m strong because I get up again — and no matter how many times guys I date or society tries to kick me down, I’ll rise even stronger every single time.
  8. The right guy for me will appreciate how strong I am. There’s a guy out there for me who’s going to love every bit of my strong nature. Not all guys are intimidated by strong and badass women — many find it incredibly sexy. It’s completely the truth — strong women are sexy AF.
  9. I’m not sorry for being myself. I’ll never apologize for becoming and embracing exactly who I was meant to me. These challenges in life and a-hole guys I’ve been met with have prepped me to be the strong woman I am. I’m not sorry for being a strong woman who goes after what I want and doesn’t take crap from anyone — I wouldn’t want to be any other way.