Why I Won’t Apologize For Demanding The Best

Why I Won’t Apologize For Demanding The Best ¬©iStock/themacx

A woman who sets the bar high in relationships is often seen as high maintenance, but why is that such a bad thing? Having higher standards is a good quality to have, and I won’t apologize for knowing my worth.

  1. I know what I want in a relationship. I’m not going to waste my time on someone who isn’t up to my standards. If you’re intimidated by my demands, why are you wasting your time to begin with? I need someone who can hold his own, and if that’s not you, there’s the door.
  2. I know what I don’t want. If he has a characteristic that is a total deal breaker – what do you mean you hate cats and haven’t read Harry Potter?! – I’m gonna go ahead and pass on that. Thanks, but no thanks.
  3. Everyone should demand the best. If your standards aren’t that high, you’re doing it wrong. Low standards – or no standards at all – is how people end up unhappy and with the wrong person. Don’t do that to yourself, because you deserve better than that too.
  4. I want someone who can handle me. Anyone who can’t meet my (very reasonable) expectations probably isn’t mentally strong enough to deal with me in the first place.
  5. I know what it’s like to have the worst. I once dated a guy who was a complete man-child. He didn’t know how to be an adult whatsoever – I was literally taking care of him physically, emotionally, and financially. Never again.
  6. You get back what you put in. If you give me your all, I’ll give you my all. By expecting the best from you, I intend to give you my best in return. It’s that simple.
  7. Why wouldn’t I? The moment you stop demanding the best, is the moment you settle for less. I don’t know about you, but I refuse to settle.
  8. If I don’t respect me, who will? What you demand of the world around you says a lot of what you’ll accept from others. If I don’t treat myself well, how can I expect anyone else to?
  9. I deserve it. Everyone deserves the best. Realize that, and start demanding it for yourself too.
Kristan is a 24-year-old blogger from the cornfields of Terre Haute, Indiana. She spends her days working in accounting, and her nights trying to change the world with her words. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter @kristangible, or read her blog at kristangible.com.