I Won’t Apologize For Wanting A Guy On My Level

I Won’t Apologize For Wanting A Guy On My Level ©iStock/Coffee&Milk

I’ve been single for a while now, and in that time, I’ve met and dated plenty of different types of men. I’m not shallow, but I do have some expectations when it comes to a guy having his act together and his life in order if he wants to date me. I know how hard I’ve worked, and quite frankly, I won’t settle for less than what I bring to the table — and I shouldn’t have to. The guy I’m dating needs to be on my level and I won’t apologize for it.

  1. I’ve worked my ass off. I’ve put so much work into being where I am today and I know the hustle, the struggle and the sacrifices I’ve made to be where I’m at. I want a man who understands where I come from and how hard I’ve worked to get here because he’s been through it himself. I’m not rich by any means, nor do I drive a fancy car, but I’m someone who’s doing pretty well for myself and I’d like someone who brings just as much to the table as I do all around.
  2. I need someone who matches my morals. Someone who has the same level of drive and responsibility behind him when it comes to handling his life is important to me. I need to know I’m committing to someone who won’t spend our joint life savings on some insane luxury that we don’t really need. I want someone I can trust will be on the same page as me and can match my abilities because together, we’d be un-stoppable.
  3. What I’m looking for is perfectly reasonable. I’m not asking for too much when I want a guy who’s on the same life level that I’m at. I’m not looking for an upgrade to help me further myself, but I’m also not looking for someone to fix, either.
  4. I don’t want to mess up what I’ve built for myself. Like I said, it’s been a long road to get where I am and I don’t plan on going backwards, like, ever. I want someone who has the same castle to defend because without it, he won’t know what it’s like to be in my shoes. I’ve come this far on my own and I’ll be damned if someone burns down the house that took me so long to build.
  5. I’m not a babysitter. I don’t need to be with someone who I have to educate about paying the bills on time, or why employment is important, and I’m a little shocked at the number of grown men who still haven’t figured it all out. I’d like someone who has his act together the same way that I do so that we can enjoy being together and grow our connection instead of playing catch up in life because he slacked off for far too long.
  6. I want to continue to grow. A man on my level is important because I plan on continuing to better myself and I need someone who wants to do the same for himself, as well. If I’m going to be with someone, he needs to be someone who not only wants to grow on his own, but grow with me too. I have a one life attitude and I plan on making this thing everything it can be.
  7. Responsible men are attractive as hell. Let’s face it — grown ass men with their act together are attractive as hell. When a man works hard, no matter what his career, and comes home to a life that he busted his ass for, I can’t help but admire him more. It’s because I know what type of man he had to be to get there.
  8. I know my worth because I built it myself. The blood, sweat and tears that have gone into getting to where I am today hasn’t been easy and I simply won’t throw all that hard work away for the sake of being with just anyone. I’d like to build a life with someone who meets me at solid ground, I won’t apologize for it and I shouldn’t have to.