It Took 7 Hours To Clean ‘World’s Dirtiest Car’ Owned By Australian Mom

If you spend a lot of time in your car, whether commuting to work or traveling to see a friend, parent, or partner, chances are it can become a bit of a dumping ground for water bottles, old tissues, fast food wrappers, you name it. However, one Australian mom’s car was so bad, it’s been dubbed the “world’s dirtiest car” that took a whopping seven hours to clean!

The work was done by Proline Automotive. Located in Sydney, New South Wales, the auto detailing business and car wash took on the colossal job of cleaning out the world’s dirtiest car, an old Mazda, earlier this month. While it came up looking like a million bucks at the end, the fact that it took nearly a full work day to get it to that point speaks to just how dirty it was.

The before pictures were “too funky not to share.” On their Facebook page, Proline Automotive admitted that they usually only post after pics of the jobs they complete, but given how heinous this car was, they had to share the before pics too, which they did.

There was so much work that needed to be done. According to the post, employees had to do a lot of work not only removing debris and stains, but also getting rid of some pretty terrible smells too. “Seats and carpets were shampooed then extracted for multiple passes to remove sticky substances, deep stains and unpleasant odours,” they wrote. Yikes! There were leftover marks caused by baby seats that couldn’t be removed.

This really is a testament to the high-powered equipment the business keeps on hand. Given how great the world’s dirtiest car looked after Proline had a go at restoring it to some level of cleanliness, it’s clear that they have some pretty hardcore vacuums and extractors on hand. “These photos show the true capability of the equipment we carry on board,” they wrote, and ain’t that the truth.

Hopefully the owner takes better care of her vehicle in future. Not only for the sake of the car, but for the sake of her and her children’s health. That can’t have been good for them!

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