World’s Fastest Roller Coaster Goes From 0 To 150 MPH In Less Than 5 Seconds

I’m a bit of a scaredy-cat when it comes to rides. I used to love theme parks and roller coasters in particular, but these days I fear for my life too much to enjoy them – ha! I guess I’m getting boring in my old age. However, if you still love the thrill of extreme rides, you’ll want to climb aboard the world’s fastest roller coaster ASAP.

  1. It’s called the Formula Rossa. The ride is part of Ferrari World, a theme park in Abu Dhabi. If you’ve never been to the United Arab Emirates, you might be excited to know that Abu Dhabi is not only the capital but also the cultural, political, and technical hub. In other words, it’s the perfect location for a Ferrari theme park.
  2. This roller coaster goes FAST. The Formula Rossa goes from 0 to 240 KPH (150 MPH) in 4.9 seconds, so prepare to get whiplash on this one (but not really, hopefully). To be clear, that’s way faster than any car can go, so hope you’re not afraid of a little speed!
  3. If that’s not enough for you, it gets better. The world’s fastest roller coaster doesn’t just zoom along the tracks, it also reaches heights of 52 m (170 feet), so you’ll be WAY up in the sky. You’ll also feel a crazy intense 4.8 G of force. I’m scared just hearing about it!
  4. That’s not all Ferrari World has to offer. The theme park, which is spread over 86,000 square meters of land, also has Flying Aces, a record-breaking coaster that also boasts the world’s highest roller coaster loop, sending you up 63 meters (206 feet) at a 51-degree angle. Yikes! They also offer VIP packages like dune bashing and Formula 1 tire changing, which sound like tons of fun.
  5. Abu Dhabi should probably be your next summer vacation spot. It might seem a bit unconventional, but it has so much to offer visitors even outside of Ferrari World, so it’s worth checking out in 2020.


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