The World’s Largest Bottle Of Whiskey Is About To Go Up For Auction

The world’s largest bottle of whiskey is due to go on auction in Scotland in the coming weeks. Bottled by Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky in 2021, it’s been verified by Guinness World Records as holding 82.16 gallons of single-malt Scotch. That’s a whole lot of alcohol!

  1. The whiskey is a wonderful vintage. The massive bottle, referred to as The Intrepid, is a 5 foot, 11-inch bottle of 32-year-old whiskey from The Macallan Distillery. It’s held the record as the world’s largest since it was bottled last year.
  2. The bottle will be auctioned later this month. On May 25, Edinburgh-based Lyle & Turnbull will put the whopping bottle up for auction to the highest bidder, and it’s expected to bring in some big money.
  3. The whiskey could set a new world record for the most expensive bottle. That currently stands at $1.9 million, and given that this is a record-breaking bottle of whiskey, something tells me they may exceed that price tag.
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