The Worst Part About Being Single AF Is Getting These Creepy Texts

The Worst Part About Being Single AF Is Getting These Creepy Texts ©iStock/PeopleImages

Dating as a single woman is hard enough without receiving irritating texts from guys — and oh man, are they obnoxious sometimes. It’s not just about the texts themselves, either — it’s about the self-absorbed, presumptive, disrespectful feelings behind them. Here are 12 of the worst ones you’ve probably received as a single woman:

  1. “Wanna see a pic of me?” This is better than receiving an unsolicited penis pictures, but you can guarantee that you won’t be receiving a pic of the guy suited up at a recent wedding. What’s most annoying about it is that it’s arrogant — who says you even wanted to see a pic of his junk? Gross.
  2. “Hey, gorgeous. It’s been a while.” The ex who sends you a text that tries to be charming weeks or months after your split is annoying AF. Does he think you’ll just roll over and be eager to chat to him again? Ugh. It’s been a while for a reason, clearly.
  3. “Send me a full-length pic of yourself.” You were chatting to a guy you “met” online and started texting, only to receive a request for a full-length pic of yourself. It’s so insulting — isn’t seeing your face and getting to know you enough? Yeah, physical attraction is important and all, but why would seeing what you look like from the neck down be the deciding factor on whether or not he wants to keep chatting or possibly even meet up?
  4. “What’s your bra size?” Talk about sleazy! The saddest part about this text is that the guy can’t wait to find out for himself in real life; the funniest part is that this text has guaranteed he never will. Ha. What a loser. What grown man actually thinks this is acceptable?
  5. “?” Receiving punctuation marks instead of a text when you don’t reply to his messages quickly enough is just as bad as a regular double text. Yup, clingy AF. If you haven’t replied to him, it means you don’t want to talk, FFS! Displaying this kind of behavior — especially so early in the game — is a big red flag you should NEVER ignore. If he’s this demanding when you’re not even with him, what would he be like if you actually were?
  6. “You still awake?” You weren’t awake, but you are now thanks to the horny loser who’s bored out of his mind and harassing you. Ugh. It’s two in the morning and you get this message that’s clearly from a guy hoping for some sexting, but then won’t text you in the daytime. What a jerk.
  7. “Why have you been single for so long?” This one is annoying and can feel creepy because the guy actually wants an answer, as though there’s something wrong with you. There’s never just one answer, but a guy who asks you this is likely to ensure you’ll continue to be single for a while longer.
  8. “Let’s see how it goes.” There’s nothing wrong with going with the flow and seeing what happens when you start dating someone, but if the guy is always super chill about things, it starts to feel like he’s just hanging out with you until something better comes along. That’s shady as hell and seriously not worth your time.
  9. “Come hang out.” The guy’s out with his buddies and suggests you join them, but doesn’t make an actual effort to persuade you to go or even give you a formal invitation. “Come hang out” is a lame, half-assed attempt. It’s just not good enough and annoying AF when it’s last-minute.
  10. Hey, how’s it going?” You’d think a guy who ghosted you and then sends you this type of message would try to be a little more original if he’s hoping to return to your life. It’s so damn generic, he deserves to be blocked just for lack of creativity.
  11. “I’m not big on texting.” This is the ultimate shady move. A guy who sends this is basically saying that he’s not going to be texting or calling you much, so don’t hold your breath. However, he’s hoping to get what he can from you with minimal effort on his part. What’s up with this? Hearing someone isn’t good at texting VIA TEXT is the most ridiculous thing ever.
  12. “I’m cool with going wherever.” If a guy can’t take the lead when asking you out and expects you to choose the venue and time for your date, it’s not a good sign. The reason why it’s such a turnoff is because there’s nothing sexier than a guy who asks you out and makes a real effort, such as by saying, “There’s this awesome place I’d love to take you to.” A guy should be excited to see you. Anything less just doesn’t cut it.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.