Would Being Single Forever Really Be So Bad? There Are So Many Perks

Being eternally single is too often treated as a curse instead of a blessing. If you’re starting to feel like you’ll never find the right person for you, don’t despair—being single for the rest of your life could be the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

You don’t have to consult anyone else about your life plans. Big life decisions become a lot more complicated when there’s someone else who could be affected by them. When you’re single, you don’t have to worry about how your decisions affect a hypothetical partner. Ready to have a baby? Guess what — you don’t have to worry about a partner telling you that he wants to wait a few more years. Feel like accepting a promotion that will have you traveling the world for work? Good news — you’re not leaving someone at home to miss you while you’re gone. When you’re single forever, your decisions are completely in your hands.

You can move anywhere at any time without worrying about leaving someone behind. Moving across the country (or the world) when your partner wants or needs to stay where they are can be gut-wrenching. Distance is a notorious relationship killer and many people in relationships sacrifice moving to their dream destination in order to stay with their partners. When you’re single, a relationship is one less obstacle between you and wherever you want to move next.

You don’t have to worry about messy breakups. The better a relationship is, the worse it hurts when it ends. And given that every relationship you have is guaranteed to either last forever or conclude in a breakup, the odds are kind of stacked against you the moment you start falling for someone new. As a single girl, you don’t even have to think about getting your heart broken. No more nights spent crying over someone who ghosted you or left you for someone else — you get to stay care (and breakup) free.

You can hook up with anyone who wants to sleep with you. Most people aren’t OK with one-sided open relationships, so you’re probably not going to find a partner who’s completely loyal to you while encouraging you to get naked with your hot barista. Good news if you’re single, though: anyone who wants to sleep with you is fair game. Never again do you need to think, “I totally would if I wasn’t in a relationship.” You can let your freak flag fly with anyone else who’s down to go to pound town.

You never have to worry that anyone’s doing you wrong. Who’s lying awake wondering if their partner is cheating on them? Not you, that’s for sure. Being forever single means never having to worry about a hypothetical partner’s super hot ex, late-night Snapchat messages from some girl you’ve never heard of or alibis that are riddled with holes. Dealing with a troubled relationship (and then the inevitable breakup afterward) is emotionally exhausting, but hey, it never has to be your problem again.

You get to spend all your money on yourself. Ah, the sweet, sweet feeling of spending $0.00 on Valentine’s Day and non-existent anniversaries. As a single gal, you can spend your money however you see fit, whether it’s on yourself or your friends and family. But you’ll have way more of it since you don’t have to feel obligated to pay for a significant other’s gifts as well. Relationships are expensive — being single for the rest of your life is like being your own sugar momma.

You can keep your home exactly the way you like it. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by a boyfriend’s inability to clean up after himself. Or hey, maybe you’re usually the one who gets scolded for having a “floordrobe” instead of using the laundry hamper. When you’re single, it doesn’t matter how tidy you like to keep your living space, because you won’t have a significant other coming in and changing it up on you.

You can be completely selfish in bed… Yes, it’s courteous to be a bit generous even when having a one-night stand, but when it comes to your everyday sexual activity, isn’t it nice to worry about your orgasm and yours alone? Being single lets you have this perk guilt-free every time you’re in the mood.

… And no, not just sexually speaking. Being pushed off the bed, having the covers pulled off of you, and dealing with deafening snores are significant prices to pay just to get some cuddles. Society likes to pretend that sleeping alone is the ultimate downside of singlehood, but really, it’s the ultimate upside. Before you bemoan your eternal single status, stretch out spread-eagle on your very own bed and see if it changes your perspective.

You only have to worry about making yourself happyThere are, of course, perks to being in a relationship, but do they really outweigh the lifelong gift of only having to focus on your own happiness? When you’re single, you don’t have to take anyone else’s feelings into account when it comes to your own life. Compromise is great if you’re in a relationship, but not having to compromise is even better.

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