Would You Date A Robot? The Number Of Millennials Who Say Yes Is Insane

Apparently, a quarter of millennials have admitted that they would have a sexual relationship with a robot. While dating has definitely gotten worse over the years, it can’t possibly be that bad… can it?

  1. A pretty reputable source conducted this survey. Paris-based thinktank Havas is famous for its intriguing studies. The organization regularly investigates the effects that technology has on society and its members. In this case, it interviewed 12,000 people of mixed ages and varied nationalities. The aim was to investigate how people believe robots will impact various aspects of their lives.
  2. Over a quarter of young people interviewed stated that they would date a robot. An insane 27% of participants between the ages of 18 and 34 confirmed that they’d consider dating a robot. This was the highest positive response of any age group. Guys, are we okay? Does someone—an actual human someone—need to give our generation a hug?
  3. So-called “sexbots” are actually already on sale. While having “intimate relations” with a robot may seem like something out of a dystopian novel, it already goes on. A British “sexbot” named Samantha is currently on sale in London and is apparently quite popular. It’s basically like taking a sex doll one step further, and it’s honestly a bit weird. These robots are supposed to resemble real people but actually look like they’re about to betray and kill you. That’d be a bit of a mood killer in the bedroom, for sure…
  4. Men are far more likely to consider dating a robot than women. Specifically, they’re three times more likely to seek out some robot lovin’ than women. Is this surprising? Not really. Are we still a bit concerned? Absolutely. Surely guys aren’t THAT desperate for sex… OK, it seems like some of them are. Looks like straight girls have even less of a chance of meeting The One. He might well be already be dating a robot.
  5. There’s a label for people who would sleep with robots. Apparently, a “digisexual” is someone who is more sexually attracted to robots than humans. Admittedly, not many people use this label yet. However, experts believe we could see a sharp rise in its usage within the next few years. Whether that’s a good thing or not is unclear. I guess we’ll have to wait a while to find out!
  6. The robots would be tailor-made to cater to different people’s desires. If “relationship robots” became a widespread phenomenon, it wouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. Experts believe that technicians will design robots on an individual basis. Each droid will have specific features to cater to their owner’s desires. You’d essentially be designing your own perfect partner. Ideal, right? No having to endlessly search for The One because you can just have them manufactured! OK, it actually sounds a bit sinister when you put it like that…
  7. The report suggested other worrying things about millennials’ dating preferences. It’s not just our love for robots that has experts worried. Apparently, younger people are way too obsessed with their social media lives, especially men. Guys are more likely to prefer their online life to their real one, for starters. Seventy percent of all young people interviewed also believed that social media is weakening our interpersonal bonds. Scarily, 40% of people aged 18 to 34 think that a robot will one day take their job. Yikes!
  8. Some academics agree with the survey’s findings. Dr. Neil McArthur of the University of Manitoba is one such scholar. He warns that sexbots are definitely going to be part of our future. He makes it sound like they’re invading! Apparently, such robots will eventually be “integral” to humanity’s sexuality. We’ll slowly begin to abandon human relationships to be with robots. This gets worse by the second…
  9. However, its predictions for the future are pretty dark. The future that this report describes is a terrifying one. Experts believe that so-called “sexbots” will become popular in high-income households within the next decade. It suggests that by 2030, having virtual sex will be as normal as watching porn is today. Five years later, in 2035, the majority of us will apparently own sex toys that are connected to the virtual sex experience. By 2050, people will prefer robot sex to sex with other humans. This sounds like a dystopian nightmare!
  10. Would you date a robot? Whatever floats your boat, I guess… On the bright side, a robot would be a lot less needy than an actual partner! I’m not sure it’d be worth it, but oh well… Who knows what weird dating trends the future will bring?