This Ball Makes Ice Cream While You Kick It & Exercise Has Never Been More Fun

Summer is the perfect time for being outdoors, and playing ball is a great way to have fun and relive your childhood. Having some delicious ice cream is a way to make the day even better, and now you can combine the two with the Yaylabs softshell ice cream ball. Here’s what you should know about it.

  1. It makes ice cream while you play. The general premise is simple: you fill the ball, which features two separate inner compartments, with all the ingredients you need to make ice cream (sugar, milk, flavorings) on one side and some rock salt and ice in the other. Then you go play and in about 25 minutes, voila! You have ice cream.
  2. It makes exercise fun again. Sure, you could just go and buy a pint of ice cream and be done with it, but it’s kinda cool to know you’re making it yourself and to know you’re making it while having fun playing. We all need to be moving more, so get a game going and reward yourself with some ice cream at the end of it.
  3. It comes with a recipe booklet so the combinations are endless. Sure, ice cream is just a few particular ingredients, but there are tons of different flavor combinations to try, which is why the included recipe book really comes in handy. If you’re stuck for dessert inspiration, just crack it open and try something new.
  4. It comes in four different colors. Whether you want blueberry, orange, raspberry, or lime, the Yaylabs softshell ice cream ball has a color for you. You could even buy several of these in different colors to have at your next party, especially if there will be a lot of kids there—they’ll love this thing.
  5. It’s available in pint or quart sizes, so how much ice cream you make is up to you. If it’s just you and a friend, a pint might be enough. If you’re trying to cater to parties of larger sizes (or you’re just extra hungry and really love ice cream), the quart size ball might be for you.
  6. For about $30, it’s a fun novelty. Even if you only use this a couple times this summer, it’s a fun DIY thing that will make you feel like a kid again. And can you really put a price tag on nostalgia? I don’t think so.

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