You Can Buy Mini Brushes Made Just For Cleaning Out Your Belly Button

I don’t particularly understand why belly buttons get so gross – sweat, lint, the whole nine yards – but they do and they need to be cleaned. While some people use Q-Tips or even just a washcloth and soap in the bath to clean theirs out, if you want to get really serious about your navel hygiene, you can buy mini belly button brushes specifically for the cause.

These would make amazing stocking stuffers. These tongue-in-cheek brushes could likely actually be used to clean your belly button, but generally speaking, it’s pretty clear that they’re just a fun novelty gift. Imagine your loved one’s face when they pull this out of their stocking on Christmas morning. It’ll be hilarious!

They come in loads of different colors. Perhaps one of the most fun parts of mini belly button brushes is that you can get them in whatever color you please. There’s blue, yellow, pink, purple, red, and green. How’s that for choice?

Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. “Adorable and tiny pipe cleaner lint brush, wood handle. Great fun gift will sure stir up laughter. Great for dads, moms, stocking suffers, birthday card inserts and so on. Mail one to a friend,” the product description reads. Sold!

If you want to get one for yourself or someone else, get them while they’re hot. No one wants a stinky belly button, right? You can get yours on Etsy HERE.

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