You Deserve Better Than A Guy Who Just Makes You Miserable

If you’re reading this, chances are it’s because the guy you’re dating isn’t fully making you happy. He might be horrible at texting you back, blows you off constantly, or treats you like an option rather than a priority. Whatever the case may be, he’s not treating you the way you want or deserve and it’s making you miserable. The tough love advice you’re looking for is really quite simple — if he’s not making you happy, stop wasting your time and move on.

  1. Life is short — stop living it with jerks. There is literally no reason you need to waste your time with this dud if he’s giving you the runaround and keeps making excuses for his BS behavior. You’re looking for a great man to spend forever with, not a jerk who doesn’t treat you with respect.
  2. If he truly cared, he would make the effort. You might not want to hear it, but it’s the brutal truth that when a guy genuinely cares about you, nothing will stop him from showing it. If he wants you, he’ll make you his, and no excuses will get in the way of that even if he’s busy AF. The right guy will make time, so stop making excuses for the guy who just isn’t that into you.
  3. You can’t change a man who doesn’t want to be changed. No one likes repeating themselves, and if you find yourself making the same complaints to your guy about the same issues over and over again and he doesn’t seem to give a damn, drop him like a bad habit. You have better things to focus your energy on than a guy who doesn’t care to work with you to make your relationship enjoyable for both of you. If he wanted to change, he would. It’s that simple. Stop wasting your breath.
  4. You don’t deserve to be put down or shoved aside. When a guy doesn’t make you his priority and keeps blowing you off, it’s easy to get sucked into the excuses and seemingly heartfelt apologies, but if his follow-up actions don’t prove that he means it (meaning he’s still not making time for you), it’s time to pick up your self-worth and walk out of his life. The same goes for that guy who constantly puts you down then apologizes over and over. You can do better.
  5. Open yourself up to what you truly deserve. Staying in an unhappy relationship isn’t just super unhealthy for you; it’s also completely insane and a disservice to yourself. You’re an amazing person with a lot to offer, so stop wasting your worth on a guy who will never see it or treat you with the kindness you deserve.
  6. Stop making excuses for his BS behavior. Nothing is worse or more pathetic than being that girl who responds to her friends’ advice about Mr. Douchebag with, “But he’s…”. There are no buts. If you aren’t happy and he’s unwilling to work with you or refuses to listen to your genuine concerns, you shouldn’t be concerning yourself with him. Period.
  7. Two people either work together or they don’t. When a love is real and meant to be, working things out and settling your differences should come naturally. Let’s face it — there are some couples that simply aren’t meant to be together and there are some combinations of people that are just completely toxic, even when they’re perfectly nice and normal individuals on their own. It’s just the way life goes. It’s a sad reality, but it’s one you need to face sooner rather than later. Your happiness depends on it.
  8. Being alone is better than being in a miserable relationship. The idea of being alone and without him might be scary, but with a little time and a lot of strength, you’ll totally get through it. Walking away from someone you care about might be hard, but staying with someone who doesn’t make you feel amazing and happy is infinitely worse. You’ll only end up even more unhappy over time.
  9. You don’t need someone else to be happy and content in your life. Sometimes we stay with guys who are total losers even when we know we can do so much better. The idea of braving life alone with no flotation device can be terrifying, but don’t stress yourself out. Yes, you’ll be sad for a while, but suck it up — you don’t need a boyfriend to lead a fulfilling life, and you certainly don’t need a jerk bringing your happiness down. Move on.
  10. You know better. It might be some tough love advice and it might be hard to face reality, but sometimes a blunt bit of truth is exactly what we need to survive and preserve our hearts. You know you’re an amazing catch, and that the clueless guy in your life fails to see just how lucky he is to have you, so why are you wasting your time? Your happiness comes first; if he’s not making you happy, GTFO of his life and continue living yours to the fullest without him weighing your heart down. You deserve better.