You Haven’t Talked In Months, So Why Haven’t You Deleted His Number?

Whether you broke up a while ago or were only ever in the same place to hook up, you probably still have at least one guy in your phone’s contact list that you haven’t talked to in months or years and who should’ve been deleted a while ago. So why haven’t you done it?

Just in case.

 You never know when he might come in handy, right? You never know what could happen. Sure, you’re happy in your current relationship and your ex-boyfriend or hook-up was a total loser, but life is crazy.

You’re still holding out hope.

This is a no-brainer, but when you end things with a guy, you don’t necessarily want to end his presence on your life (unless it ended really badly, and that’s a whole other situation). You think that maybe one day, you’ll be ready to talk again or maybe even get back together, and while that’s unlikely, you’re just not ready to let go.

You actually totally forgot.

You’re scrolling through your contact list looking for the pizza place when you see his name — the guy you stopped sleeping with literally a year or more ago. What the hell? You definitely would have deleted him a long time ago had you even thought of him at all.

You never officially broke up.

 You both knew things weren’t working as they were, but you also had feelings for each other (or just liked sleeping together) and agreed to take some time out rather than saying goodbye completely. You haven’t reconnected since, but doing so isn’t off the table, so why not keep his number?

He recently broke up with your replacement.

Yep, he’s off the market again, and you also happen to be, as well. This is that optimal time for you to send a flirty message his way to say you’re sorry his relationship didn’t work out while suggesting you meet up for drinks and maybe a little extra fun.

The sex was amazing.

I mean, it was mind-blowing, multiple orgasm-inducing sex. It’s kind of something hard to delete from your phone, especially when you only had your final session last month.

You still have joint commitments.

 Sometimes when you’re head over heels in love, you decide it would be fun to move in together after only two months of dating, or you get a dog together, and now you share joint custody and take the pup to different beaches on different days of the weekend. Awkward, but what can you do?

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