You Know You Deserve Better, So Why Are You Still Putting Up With His BS?

You love him, but he acts like he doesn’t even care about you. He always chooses his poker nights over your date nights and he never actually listens when you speak. You know you can do better, so why are you still putting up with his BS?

You don’t actually know what you deserve. 

You might act like you’re a tough chick with high confidence, but it’s just an act. You tell yourself you deserve the very best, but you can’t convince yourself that it’s the truth. You think you belong with a man like him.

He keeps flip flopping on you.

One day, he’ll treat you like crap and you’ll start packing your bags. But the next day, he’ll act like the man you first fell in love with. You’re hoping he’ll eventually cut the Jekyll and Hyde and become the boyfriend you deserve.

You’re playing it safe.

Even though you’re unhappy with him, you know life would be even worse if you left him. You don’t have the best taste in men, so who knows who you’d end up with next? You’re trying to save yourself some trouble by staying with the demon you know.

You’re too nice for your own good.

 The last thing you want to do is break his heart, even though he’s already broken yours. You’ve thought about leaving him one hundred times, but you never go through with it, because you know you wouldn’t be able to handle the look on his face.

You like the perks of dating him. 

Maybe you’d have trouble affording your apartment if you asked him to move out. Maybe you’d have trouble sleeping without him in bed next to you. You use any excuse you can to keep him around, because you can’t stand the thought of losing him.

You honestly think he could change.

You’re an optimist. You want your relationship to work with him so badly that you pretend things will change. You spend your days daydreaming about some magical future where all of your problems have disappeared and your man actually treats you with respect.

You’re too comfortable with him.

You hate having the same fights over and over again, but you’ve gotten used to them, so you know how to deal with them. You’d rather stay in your unhealthy relationship than jump back into the dating scene. You’re more comfortable where you are.

You hate being alone.

Single life isn’t a death sentence, but you act like it is. You’re dreading the days of going on blind dates and using your own hands to orgasm. That’s why you’re trying to stick it out with him for as long as you can.

He plays mind games with you.

Maybe he tells you that you’re not pretty enough to find anybody else. Maybe he tells you that he’d kill himself if you ever left. It’s emotional abuse, but it’s working.

You’re in love with him. 

Emotions can cloud even the smartest woman’s judgement. That’s why it doesn’t matter how poorly he’s treating you. You’re going to excuse his crappy behavior over and over again in the name of love until you come to your senses.

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