‘You’ Season 3 Will Begin Filming In November For 2021 Release

‘You’ Season 3 Will Begin Filming In November For 2021 Release Netflix

Rumors have been flying around that production on You Season 3 was due to begin sometime soon, but before now, we didn’t actually have an actual date confirmed. Thankfully, that’s all changed, because now we know cast and crew are headed back to set in November with new episodes due to hit the streaming service in 2021. Hurrah!

  1. The news was confirmed by Twitter scooper Daniel Richtman. In a Patreon post, he revealed that Season 3 of You will be underway in early November and that production will likely continue through April 2021, which seems like such a long time away.
  2. Of course, anything could change between now and then. While filming will likely get underway as planned in November, there’s no guarantee that it won’t get interrupted again should coronavirus get worse over winter, so there could be further delays still ahead. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen for a variety of reasons (most importantly people’s health!).
  3. The story for You Season 3 has been done for a while. Author Caroline Kepnes who wrote the books behind the popular Netflix series confirmed that she was done with the storyline for the new episodes all the way back in July, so at least we know there’s no writing left to do!
  4. Now, we just have to sit back and be patient. While we’re probably looking at roughly nine months or more before we actually get to see any new episodes, the most important thing is that the cast and crew are able to do their jobs safely. If that means we have to be a little more patient, so be it!
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