You’ll Get Another Chance At Love, So Don’t Pine After The One That Got Away

You’ll Get Another Chance At Love, So Don’t Pine After The One That Got Away ©iStock/yulkapopkova

When a relationship ends before you’re ready to let it go, you’re left wondering whether you’ll ever be able to find someone like the person you just lost. But we all get more than one chance at true love, so instead of pining after the past, focus on the enjoying the present. There’s always hope for the future, even after heartbreak, so don’t give up just yet.

  1. You broke up for a reason. When you’re in the stage of missing someone, you tend to want all the good things back, and forget that with the good comes the bad. And you’d still be together if there wasn’t some bad, so try to trust that you made the right decision, and work on moving on.
  2. No one is alone forever if they don’t want to be. Most people who are single for years are single because they want to be. If they wanted to settle, they would have done so a long time ago. You’ll meet plenty of guys, but it will be up to you to decide what’s more important— being in a relationship, or being in the right relationship.
  3. Being single for awhile can be a good thing. Sometimes after splitting with someone who was really important to you, the best thing you can do for yourself is just be alone. You’ll have the chance to focus on yourself and figuring out what you really want, not to mention you’ll get the entire bed to yourself.
  4. It probably would have ended at some point no matter what you did. The fact is, most relationships end. You broke up because something wasn’t working, so even if you’d put it off for awhile, you’d eventually have to face reality anyway. At least now you aren’t wasting any more time.
  5. Sometimes the timing just isn’t right. Maybe that person really was good for you. But timing is a huge factor in a relationship working out. It’s not something you can control, so there’s no point in obsessing about what you should have done differently. It wasn’t your fault, so you can let yourself off the hook.
  6. Most people fall in love more than once per lifetime. Sure, there are some people who fall in love and marry their high school sweetheart, but for the majority of us, it’s a little more complicated than that. You’ll probably fall in love a few times before you find one that sticks, and that’s perfectly normal.
  7. Love is unpredictable. Sometimes it sneaks up on you with someone you’d never expect to fall in love with. I won’t go so far as to say it’ll happen when you stop looking, but you never know when you might meet someone who makes you completely forget about the one that got away.
  8. It wasn’t all your fault it ended. You shouldn’t blame yourself or dwell on everything you think you did wrong, because a relationship takes two people, and so does a break up. It’s not like you could have made him stay, even if you wanted to, so regretting the fact you didn’t make it work is pointless.
  9. If you can’t let the past go, you’ll never be happy. Even if you don’t fall in love in the immediate future, you still have plenty of time. For now, you should focus on being at peace with the past, and leaving it where it belongs. That way, when an opportunity for a new relationship does present itself, you’re ready to give it your all.
  10. You can’t force love. Again, you could never have controlled how he felt about you and whether he wanted to stay or go. A relationship will only work if the feelings are mutual, and there’s no getting around it. If he didn’t feel like you were the one for him, you’re better off without him anyway.
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