Your Relationship Is Already Doomed If You’re Doing Any Of These 10 Things

People get into relationships with the intention of it lasting long-term, possibly forever. Unfortunately, most don’t make it that long and most of us will deal with more than a few failed relationships before we find “The One.”  If you’re doing any of the following things in your current relationship, it’s a good indication that your partner isn’t the person you’re going to make it to the finish line with.

  1. Being petty If you and your partner live together and you find yourself being petty or immature when it comes to housework, chores, or anything else, it’s a good sign that your relationship is on its last legs. If they leave the milk out again and you see it sitting on the counter and let it stagnate until it goes bad, you’re being way too petty to be in a lasting relationship.
  2. Setting up new suitors People are social animals and will have friends of the opposite sex that they keep in contact with while in relationships. However, if you’re keeping in touch with Tinder contacts or other people who may have been potential hook-ups or relationships, it’s like you’re already setting yourself up for a breakup. This type of new relationship anticipation is a tactic that can spell disaster for your current love.
  3. No longer bothering to fight Fighting constantly might seem like a surefire sign that your relationship isn’t working out, and it can be. But on the other hand, no fighting at all isn’t usually a good sign either. If you’re no longer invested enough to argue with your partner about things in your relationship that bother you and just can’t be bothered, you’re no longer fully invested in the relationship. When that happens, the end is just around the corner.
  4. “Forgetting” important details Your anniversary came and passed and you completely forgot. Not only that, but you also couldn’t care less that you didn’t celebrate it at all. Unless both you and your partner have been slammed with life and celebrating anything isn’t even possible, not caring about celebrating together or forgetting important dates just show how doomed your relationship is.
  5. Being careless about dates Spending quality date time together is a great way to connect with your partner and keep the love alive. If you don’t want to go on dates with your partner, you won’t be dating them for very much longer.
  6. Hating your time together On the same note, if any time you spend with your partner is insufferable and you’d much rather be out with your friends for drinks or spending time alone watching the latest binge-worthy series, that spells trouble. Having your own life is important, but the time you spend with your partner should be at the top of your ‘good times’ list.
  7. Avoiding intimacy Sex may not be the most important part of a relationship, but it’s definitely up near the top of the list. If you find yourself grossed out at the thought of your partner touching you or being close to them, your relationship wasn’t built to go the distance. This can mean anything from sex to cuddling, kissing and hugging, or even holding hands. If you don’t want to touch them, you might as well end it now.
  8. Giving up on your passions Many people push certain hobbies and passions aside at the beginning of the relationship, but it ends up correcting itself after things get more serious. If while you’re in a relationship you start caring less about doing the things you used to love, it could be that the person you’re with isn’t that good for you. When your partner isn’t good for you, your relationship isn’t going to last.
  9. Letting go of things to you really want You meet someone, fall in love, move in together—the whole nine. After a while of domestic bliss, you find out your partner doesn’t believe in marriage or want kids. If you’ve been dreaming about having a family and a big wedding since you were a kid, this is a huge problem. You can compromise on some things, but relationships without the same long-term goals will always fizzle eventually.
  10. Feeling attracted to literally everyone else If you find yourself being attracted to that random on your Instagram, the cashier at the grocery store, and everyone in between, you might not be in it for the long haul. We’re all human and attraction is natural, but when you’re in love, it takes a lot more than a cute face to have you daydreaming of someone else.
Angelica Bottaro has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Trent University and an Advanced Diploma in Journalism from Centennial College. She began her career as a freelance writer in 2014, racking up bylines in The Good Men Project, MakeWell, LymeTime, YouQueen, and more. She eventually shifted her focus and began writing about mental health, nutrition, and chronic disease for VeryWell Health.

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