You’re Not Crazy For Calling Guys Out For These 8 Things

There are plenty of situations when you’re completely justified in kicking up a fit or calling a guy out for being a douchebag, and you shouldn’t think twice about it — or let him convince you that you’re insane. Here are just a few of those occasions:

When he takes forever — we’re talking 12+ hours or days — to respond to your text. If a guy thinks you’re crazy when you’re concerned that he usually texts you but you haven’t heard from him in over a day, screw him. The strange thing is, sometimes guys ignore you because they think you’re acting crazy, which then only elicits more of the same behavior he’s calling you crazy for to begin with, which is stupid… not to mention totally preventable if he just answered you like a decent human being.

When things are going well and then he tells you he’s dating other women. When you’re dating a guy and you think things are going well — so well, in fact, that you couldn’t imagine anyone else would be in the picture — and suddenly he drops a bomb on you about some other woman he’s seeing, you have a right to be upset. Leading you to believe that things were getting serious and then pulling the rug out from under you with no fair warning would piss anyone off. Your feelings are completely justified, so don’t feel bad about it. Just move on — without him.

When he won’t do the one simple thing you’ve asked him to. Of course you should be approaching things calmly and maturely in this case, but when you’re living with a guy and he’s not pulling his weight despite you bringing it up several times, you’re not crazy for calling him out on it. He just has nothing better to defend himself with when you finally pipe up about it.

When he constantly breaks promises. When someone promises you something, it’s likely something that’s clearly important to one or both of you. If he breaks promises and this happens repeatedly, it’s totally understandable to hate and get sick of the constant disappointment. Don’t let him call you crazy when you have a right to feel let down.

When he flakes out on plans all the time for no good reason. If you’re dating a guy and he keeps breaking plans with you with no excuse (or terrible ones) and you call him out on it, it doesn’t make you irrational — it makes you someone who wants a little more respect and isn’t getting it. Let him spew his crazy label if he wants to — you know better.

When he says something crappy, and you call him on it. It’s never OK for anyone to say nasty or cruel things to you (or anyone else, for that matter) and you have a clear right to defend yourself and the people you love if something doesn’t sit well. Some guys act like asserting your right to speak up when some BS goes down makes you crazy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. He just doesn’t have the decency to apologize like a grown-up, so he calls you crazy instead.

When you’ve declined his whiny advances for sex. Sometimes you don’t want to have sex. You’re tired, you’ve had a long day, you’re sick, you just met him — whatever the reason is, you decline. When you continue to hammer this fact to the point that you need to be firm and he calls you crazy for it, don’t buy into it or feel bad. He needs to get over it.

When you ask for your stuff back after a breakup and he assumes you’re trying to get him back. If things don’t work out and you need your stuff back from his place and he won’t pick up your calls, making you to call more and more until he finally gives it all back, this doesn’t make you crazy. It just shows his immaturity and inability to part ways like an adult.

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