If You’re Not Interested In Commitment, Quit Wasting My Time & GTFO

It was inevitable that sooner or later, I would want to take things to the next level with you. After all of the time we’ve spent together, the steps we’ve taken to become closer and the memories we’ve made, I’d hope you’d be ready to put a real label on what we have. I’m not just some girl you’re “seeing” or hanging out with — I want to be your girlfriend. If you’re not willing to commit, quit wasting my time and GTFO.

  1. I want someone who isn’t afraid of commitment. I’ve truly never understood commitment-phobes. I think it’s just an excuse to be a lazy piece of crap. There’s really not a lot to commitment — it’s just spending time building one relationship instead of leaving your options open to others. If you liked me that much, you wouldn’t think twice about being exclusive with me. It really is that simple.
  2. If we aren’t heading towards a real relationship, WTF are we doing here? If you have an issue with committing, why bother getting into any sort of dating scenario at all? If you want temporary or casual companionship, get a cat or hang out with someone who wants that too — don’t use people who deserve more to serve your own selfish needs.
  3. It shouldn’t be a difficult step to take if this thing is really genuine. If everything that’s happened between us and all the fun we’ve had is truly something real, it shouldn’t even be a question of whether or not we’re going to move to the next level. I know the potential I see with you and if you don’t feel the same way, you need to leave me alone so I can be open for someone who will. I’m not a dime a dozen — I’m once in a lifetime. Choose wisely.
  4. I’m not an almost relationship kind of girl. I’ve been lead into the nonsense of almost relationships before and I want no part of them. Why bother having someone halfway in your life when you can have something that truly means everything and only gets better over time? I have one life to live and I’m not wasting my time on someone who doesn’t appreciate me the same way I do him.
  5. If we’re not on the same page, you need to stop taking up space in my story. There’s literally zero point in dragging this thing out any further if we’re not headed towards the same life and relationship goals. I want someone who I can bring to my family events after cooking breakfast together in the home we’ve built for ourselves. I want a life that I don’t have to question or wonder where it’s headed. I want someone who actually knows what he wants the same way I do. That’s not too much to ask.
  6. I don’t buy this excuse. I’m sorry, but the whole commitment-phobe thing is so done and overplayed and I don’t buy this BS for one minute. You’re not scared of commitment, you’re scared of stepping up to the plate and being a real and grown man. You’re scared of leaving the bed-hopping behind and you’re scared of getting hurt. I’m equally afraid of getting hurt, but I’d rather try my hardest with one person and risk heartbreak than sit in the safe zone where I don’t take any risks. Love is always going to be worth the risk to me. Always.
  7. I’m trying to avoid being strung along. You might think I’m crazy or psycho for being so serious so early on but believe me when I say I’m not trying to give you any sort of ultimatum. If you don’t want a future with me, I’ll leave things be and move on with my life. I refuse to stick around and wait for you to change your mind or have you waste my time in the process. It might be too soon to have this conversation but it’s too late in my life not to.
  8. I deserve a real spot in your life and your heart. The right guy for me is someone who doesn’t hesitate to make me his in a real way and if you’re that guy, then speak up and show me or forever hold your peace. I want you in my life in a real and grown-up way, and if you’re not feeling what I am, let’s end things here.
  9. I know what I’m ready for and I won’t settle for less. In my heart, I truly know what I’m looking for and I see a potential with you that I’m willing to invest my heart into. If you don’t see the same potential in me and what we could be, that’s it. It won’t be easy to move on but I will without hesitation because I won’t settle for being in your life without a real commitment. This is either a relationship we plan to grow together or it isn’t anything at all. If you’re not willing to commit, you really need to stop wasting my time and GTFO of my life.