If You’re Not Making Plans With Me, I’m Moving On

If You’re Not Making Plans With Me, I’m Moving On ©iStock/Yuri Arcurs

It doesn’t matter how into you I am, I need more than just a few sporadic texts to stay intrigued — I need actual face time.  I deserve someone who will make time for me, so if you’re not making plans with me, I’m moving on.

  1. I lead a busy life too. I’m just as busy as any other adult trying to navigate through life and love, so believe me when I say I totally get it — it’s sometimes hard to fit everything in. However, if we’re talking and flirting with any intention of developing a relationship, we need to make actual time for each other to make that happen. I’m not an in-between kinda gal.
  2. I’m not looking for a virtual boyfriend. If I wanted a chat buddy, I would sign up for a penpal since that’s essentially what we are. I want someone who’s there for me in real life. I want someone I can hug, wrap my arms around and push a shopping cart around the grocery store with on weekends. I’m not settling for anything less and I shouldn’t have to.
  3. My patience only goes so far. I can only be patient for so long before I’m going to need the real deal. If we’re not spending time together, how are we going to grow this into something that could actually last? As important as communication is to any relationship, there needs to be more involved. I need actual time with you too.
  4. It shouldn’t be that difficult if it’s really what you want. If you really want something to happen with me, you should be making the effort to get there. Like I said, I get that life gets hectic, but if you really are that busy temporarily, at least tell me you can’t wait to finally see me again. I need that suspense to be present in order to remain enthusiastic. Avoiding the obvious only makes me question whether you’re truly into me or not.
  5. My time is valuable. I have a full plate of my own and if I’m willing to make the time for you in between everything else I need to slay, you should consider yourself very lucky — not everyone gets that same luxury. If you can’t make a plan, even if it’s a couple weeks away, I’m going to get bored and move on to someone who knows he’s lucky to have my attention to begin with.
  6. I’m looking for a real life love. I’m not looking for a digital love, I’m looking for the real thing. I want someone to wake up to in the mornings and to snuggle up next to as I lay my head down for the night. If we can’t even get proper face time together, how probable is it that those moments will come anytime soon? Keep me engaged with your time or lose me completely — it’s that simple.
  7. If you wanted me, you’d find the time. I truly believe that we make time for what we want, so if you’re not making the time for me that I want to make for you, we’re not on the same level and it’s probably best to move on. Maybe it’s bad timing, or maybe it’s just plain laziness. I just feel that if I’m someone you truly want to know, you’ll find the energy to make it happen. If not, I’m out.
  8. I’m not getting caught up in stupidity. I will never allow myself to turn into one of those naive girls who waits around for a guy who never shows up. I’m the type that if you’re late to the game, I’ll give you a slight grace period before I pick up my shoes and carry on without you — I won’t be waiting for you to figure it out. It’s not my thing to wait for a guy to make me a priority in his life. If I’m not a priority early on, I never will be and I won’t set that kind of standard for anyone.
  9. I’m not here to satisfy your ego on command. I’m not the girl who’s just a few characters away from feeding your need for affection — I have needs of my own and they include real intimacy and connection with someone who exists in the real world. You may as well be a robotic boyfriend app on my phone if all we’re doing is texting without making any real plans. I’m a woman looking for real love, not a woman looking for validation between work meetings.
  10. I deserve better. I only have room for a guy in my life who is in it on all levels. He’s the guy who texts me in the morning and the guy I get to actually see at night. He’s the guy who makes plans and can’t wait to see me next. I want crazy love, the kind that makes you mad with excitement and completely giddy with each plan we make together. If you’re not him and you’re not making plans with me, I’m moving the hell on.