You’re Not Truly BFFs Until This Happens

You’re Not Truly BFFs Until This Happens ©iStock/Izabela Habur

Having a group of good friends is awesome, but no one can compete with your one true blue bestie. Not only does she know everything about you, but you’ve gone through a ton together, and she fully accepts your weirdness. If these things happen in your friendship, your BFF bond is definitely built to last.

  1. You can practically read each other’s minds.When you’re best friends, you don’t even have to speak to know what the other is thinking. A simple look, a certain laugh, or body language is all that’s needed for you to turn on your powers of telepathy.
  2. You’ve got plenty of blackmail material on each other.You two have done so many ridiculous things together that you have an endless supply of embarrassing stories on her. If anyone could make a really revealing speech at her wedding, it would be you. You were there for every embarrassing night, and most likely participated yourself.
  3. She’s seen you at your worst.Friends are people who share your good times, but best friends are people who’ve seen you make a fool of yourself, look absolutely horrible, or be a total bitch on a bad day. She loves you for better or worse, and you aren’t afraid to show her both sides.
  4. Everyone thinks you’re crazy when you’re together.When you get together with your bestie, you’re pretty much outrageous enough to score a deal for a reality show. Even though other people think you’re totally weird, you know deep down you’re awesome and other people just aren’t cool enough to get it.
  5. You’re brutally honest with each other.There are few people in life who will be as honest with you as your BFF, and few people you’d ever let get away with it. She puts you in your place when you need it, and will give you her very honest opinion with or without you asking for it. Even when she’s harsh, you know it comes from love, and you’re totally the same way with her.
  6. You’re both super protective of each other. You can go from zero to crazy real quick if anyone insults your best friend. Even though you two may fight like sisters, no one else gets to be mean to her without going through you first.
  7. You have your own language.When you hang out as often as you do, you don’t communicate the way normal people do anymore. No one can ever understand what you’re talking about because inside jokes are the preferred lingo. In fact, you’re so used to talking in jokes and memories, you often forget that other people weren’t there and don’t get it.
  8. You hate all the same people. You both have the exact same things that annoy you, and automatically dislike the same people. You never have to worry that your best friend will think you’re a terrible person because she probably feels the exact same way you do.
  9. You eat all her food. Going to your best friend’s house pretty much means you raid her fridge guilt-free as soon as you get there. Her house becomes yours and vice versa, and you have no problem making yourselves fully at home.
  10. You make up dance routines to ’90s music.If you haven’t made several living room routines to the Backstreet Boys, you’re not that close. Whether you were 12 or 20, if you have a best friend, you’ve most definitely choreographed at least one dance, and you’re totally cooler because of it.