If You’re Not All The Way In, Please GTFO Of My Life

If You’re Not All The Way In, Please GTFO Of My Life ©iStock/Neyya

I’ve spent years of my life wasting time on almost relationships and never-ending cycles of short lived romances, and I’m done with them. If you want to take this thing further and into something honest and real, I need a real commitment. I’m not asking for a ring on my finger or for you to fall madly in love with me right away, I’m just asking for a clear intention and the promise of here and now. What I’m looking for in love is a partner who wants to be all the way in my life. I want the guy who wants to put concrete effort into building a foundation that could lead to forever. If you’re not down with my honesty or you’re not looking for the same thing, stop wasting my time and get out of my life.

  1. I’m done with BS games. I’m over the phase of dating where I need to play games to keep a guy’s attention. I shouldn’t have to carefully calculate my response times and behaviors to bait you into liking me more. If you like who I am, take this next step with me. Ease my mind with honest affections and tell me if you truly want to be in my life all the way or not.
  2. I shouldn’t have to compete for your attention. I shouldn’t have to stress out and wonder how many other women you’re talking to. I deserve someone who’s honest and genuine about how they approach dating. I’m done with the players who are constantly looking to upgrade and have their eyes constantly peeled for the next best thing and are only dating me for the interim. If you’re not looking for a real relationship then let me know so I can be free for someone who is.
  3. My intentions are real. I’m not interested in a loose definition of what we are. I want someone who knows that they want me in his life and makes gallant efforts to keep me there. I want to make time and space for someone who’s not stringing me along. My intentions are to focus on one person at a time and I deserve the same respect from you in return.
  4. I’m not looking for a half-assed love. I’m sick of being someone’s part time when I deserve and am ready for someone full time. I want someone in my life who will be by my side at events, during the daily errands of life and who will merge into my world and I into his. I refuse to be kept at the halfway mark when I’m ready and capable of finishing the race.
  5. I’d rather know sooner than later. Keeping me waiting in the wings isn’t fair for anyone. If we’re not dating for keeps, why are we dating at all? If you know there’s no future then I’d rather know now, before I invest too much of myself into something that’s going nowhere.
  6. I won’t settle for less than I’m ready for. I’ve done almost relationships and I’ve done dating that leads to nothing — it’s exhausting. I’m ready to be someone girlfriend and I’m ready to take those next steps in the journey with someone who actually knows what they want out of life too. I’m so sick of the constant gamble and the anxiety of where things are headed. If you know where we stand, let me know so I can stop my stomach from flipping endlessly.
  7. I believe in a leap of faith. So many people these days are scared to take that leap into in actual relationship, but I’m not one of them. I believe that if you want to have love in your life, you have to take a risk and make the jump eventually. If I’m dating you regularly and things are going well, my natural next step is going to be to make this thing official. There’s no reason to run and hide from the fact that I have my act together and I know what I want.
  8. It shouldn’t be this complicated. Forming a relationship has never been more complicated and I’m sick of tip-toeing around your fears and shutting down my own internal frustrations. It’s pretty plain and simple — you either want me all the way or you don’t want me at all.
  9. I deserve more. I’m an amazing woman and I have a lot going for me and a lot to offer someone who deserves it. I deserve to have someone in my life who doesn’t have to question it and keep what we have in a constant state of limbo. What I want is pretty simple, and if you don’t want the same, then the solution is easy. If you’re not all the way in, please get all the way out of my life.