If You’re Slacking In The Beginning, That’s The End Of Us

If we’re dating, you’d better believe I’m putting going to give it my all to get to know you, to make you feel valued and to give us a fighting chance at a real, lasting relationship — and I expect the same in return. If you can’t approach what we have thoughtfully and start slacking off when it comes to putting in the effort, I won’t be sticking around.

  1. I’m not looking for a half-assed love. I’m totally over guys who think they can do the bare minimum and win me over — love doesn’t work that way. When you start to date someone, you should want to be your best self. When you slack off and you don’t show me any real effort or desire to grow things further, you’re only showing me you’re not worth the investment of my time. I can do better.
  2. The beginning of the journey sets the pace for the future. If I let you slack off early on, I’m only sending you the message that I’m completely okay with lazy behavior — I want to make it clear that I’m not. I want someone who will earn my heart the same way I earn theirs. I’m no slacker when it comes to love.
  3. If you want me, why don’t you show it? I deserve to have a guy who makes me feel just as wanted as I make him feel. I’m an affectionate person and if we’re dating, I’m going to want to keep making plans with you and finding ways to put a smile on your face. If you don’t have the desire to reciprocate, I’ll gladly point you to the door and find someone else who will.
  4. I’m capable of giving a lot to the guy who deserves it. I have a lot to give the right person and I’ve been waiting a long time to find him, so it really doesn’t faze me if you’re not him and I need to wait a little longer. If you want to be that guy for me who gets to experience the very best of me on all levels, you need to step up to the plate. I’m not in the little leagues.
  5. I want a guy who’s just as crazy about me as I am about him. It feels amazing to feel adored by the person you’re dating and if I’m showing you that side of me without you giving me anything in return, I’m going to take notice and call you on your laziness. In my world, love is a two-way street. If I’m not getting it back, you won’t be getting any more from me.
  6. Slacking off while dating is never a good sign. It’s been my experience that this is generally a big red flag that you’re not all that into me in the ways that I’m looking for. Maybe that’s not the case, or maybe it is — either way, it gets my guard up and I start to question the potential between us. If you want me to feel at ease and not question your intentions, make it clear to me and let your actions reflect how you’re feeling.
  7. I want a guy who can keep up with me. I’m a passionate person and I treat the people I care about like gold, so if you want the royal treatment and to have girlfriend perks with me, you need to show me you can rise up to my level. If you’re slacking and lazy, you’re simply not ready for a woman like me.
  8. It’s not that hard to make a genuine effort. I’m not asking for the moon on a silver platter or asking you to spoil me in any material way. The way to spoil me is to show me that you genuinely care. Spoil me with your time. Spoil me with your life stories. Spoil me with honesty. Spoil me with affection. It’s not that complicated.
  9. I’ve put up with lazy guys before and I was miserable for it. I’ve gone down the road of being with lazy ass guys before and each time I have, I’ve woken up one day to the sudden realization of how completely miserable I was — and it was mostly my own fault. I let them slack off. I let them get away with lazy treatment. I’m not making those same mistakes again. I want to be happy, and so should you.
  10. I’m worth the effort. I know what I have to offer and I know that I’m worth the effort of showing me real and genuine reciprocation of feelings. I want to date you thoughtfully. I want to be excited to see you every time that I do. I want to wake up and know that the day ahead is going to be amazing with you in it. I’m looking for real love. If you can’t rise to the occasion, like I said, you need to GTFO. If you’re slacking while dating me, I’m going to send you packing.