Zac Efron Has Started Filming ‘Down To Earth’ Season 2 For Netflix Netflix

Zac Efron Has Started Filming ‘Down To Earth’ Season 2 For Netflix

In 2020, we were given a gift by Netflix that acted as a balm on our weary souls in the midst of COVID-19. That gift came in the form of Zac Efron’s docuseries Down to Earth, in which the actor traveled across the world looking for sustainable ways of living and showed off his new Zaddy status. It provided plenty of eye content (and a legit good watch in general), and now we’re getting even more. That’s right, Efron has just begun filming Down to Earth Season 2.

This time around, we’re staying in Australia. The pandemic means that traveling around the world is not only dangerous and inadvisable at the moment, it’s not even possible. Now that Efron is based in Australia and their borders are nearly completely closed, Efron is staying put and traveling around that beautiful continent with wellness expert Darin Olien, Deadline confirms.

Down to Earth Season 2 covers similar ground to the first season. The Netflix series will continue to explore sustainable ways of living while showing appreciation for various cultures, customs, and cuisines. While Season 1 saw the duo going to places such as France, Costa Rica, and Iceland among others, there’s so much Australia has to offer across its vast lands that will make a really engaging watch.

Efron himself confirmed the news via Instagram. He shared a photo of himself and Olien during a Welcome to Country ceremony held by an Aboriginal Elder on his feed. In the photo, the pair sat cross-legged in front of a smoking barrel of sacred foliage. “Here we go – Down to Earth Season 2!” he wrote.

An exact release date hasn’t been announced just yet. However, it’s expected that Down to Earth Season 2 will premiere on Netflix in 2022, giving us much more to look forward to. In the meantime, it’s never a bad time to go back and rewatch Season 1, right?

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