Zac Efron To Star In ‘Three Men And A Baby’ Reboot On Disney+

Zac Efron To Star In ‘Three Men And A Baby’ Reboot On Disney+ Netflix

When last we heard from Zac Efron — which, to be fair, was only a couple of weeks ago — he’d completed his transformation to full-blown Zaddy and was busy traveling around the world and learning to live sustainably in his new Netflix docuseries Down To Earth. Now he’s ready to take on a new challenge, playing one of three men (or perhaps the baby) in the Disney+ reboot of Three Men and a Baby.

  1. Three Men and a Baby was an ’80s classic. Originally released in 1987 starring Tom Selleck, Ted Danson, and Steve Guttenberg, the movie was a smash success and made over $100 million at the box office. It even got its own sequel, Three Men and a Little Lady. The movie gods had thankfully decided to leave it alone… until now. Disney+ thinks it’s ripe for a reboot and they want Zac Efron front and center.
  2. It’s unclear what the reboot will actually be like. Is the new Three Men and a Baby going to be a straight-up remake? A follow-up of sorts? The start of a new franchise? Apparently, “it is not clear how the material will be updated,” according to The Hollywood Reporter, so it’s safe to say this project is at its earliest stages. At least we know about Zac Efron’s signing!
  3. Will Three Men and a Baby even work in the 21st century? It’s clear that Disney+ thinks it will, but given that the premise of how ~cRaZy~ it was for three grown men to have to raise a child seems totally outdated, I’m not so sure. Even putting Zac Efron in a lead role can’t modernize it that much.
  4. The project is still looking for a director. While Will Reichel already wrote the script for the remake, so far there’s no director attached. Vulture suggests Kenny Ortega, who worked with Efron many times before as the director of the High School Musical franchise. I wouldn’t be against that!
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