These Zit Rings Are A Hilariously Gross Way To Cover Your Piercings At Work

If you’re a big fan of facial piercings but your employer isn’t, you may be forced to take out your rings or cover them while you’re on shift. Instead, why not cover them with these amazing zit rings courtesy of artist Klára Pernicová? They’re kinda gross but also hilariously amazing.

The rings look like a massive whitehead that’s begging to be squeezed. I mean, we’ve all had that monster zit before that just looks absolutely heinous and super nasty. It’s nothing to be ashamed of! It’s not likely that you’d want to fill your face with them, of course, but that’s what makes this project so great.

They look so realistic! That’s kinda what makes them so great, don’t you think? If someone was just walking by you, they would literally think you had this massive zit on your face that you were doing nothing to fix. Joke’s on them, suckers!

It’s a really interesting observation on our relationship with our bodies. As Pernicová explains on her website, “Humans sometimes want to have something artificial on their body, but when something natural appears on their skin, they’re going to get rid of it. It is so complicated to understand, what’s supposed to be nice and what isn’t.” In other words, we don’t have a problem piercing our bodies, but if we had a giant zit on us, we’d desperately try to get rid of it. Why are some markings on our bodies okay while others aren’t?

She has some other amazing projects too. There are these ear hair clips, which are so weird and wonderful, and these slug/snail headphones which also freak me out in the best possible way. It’s clear that Pernicová really likes playing around with this really weird juxtaposition between nature and our bodies and the way we separate the two. I absolutely love it!

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