7 Zodiac Signs That Are The Biggest Flirts

For some people, flirting comes as naturally as breathing. They know how to turn on the smoothness and charm and send sparks flying when they meet someone they’re attracted to. While some of us have a hard time even maintaining eye contact with someone we like, some zodiac signs are the biggest flirts you’ll ever meet.

  1. Scorpio These guys have a master’s degree in flirting. They could write a whole thesis on how to do it. They always know the right thing to say and can hold a conversation with anyone, so people find them hard to resist. It’s like they know how much of themselves they need to share with the other person or hold back in order to keep the flames of attraction burning for ages. Scorpios can easily match whatever energy someone puts out. They don’t even have to try too hard to leave an impression.
  2. Aries Fortune often favors the bold, so this zodiac sign usually has a lot of luck when they go after someone they like. They know what they want and they’re not afraid to go after it with everything they have. Aries are the kind of people who will walk up to the hottest person in the room and buy them a drink without hesitation. They can easily create sexual tension without coming on too strong. Their confidence is disarming and very potent.
  3. Leo This sign loves flirting and they adore the attention that comes with it. They have charming personalities and they know how to make it work in their favor. Showering the person they’re interested in with attention is where they shine. Leos know all the moves and can have you thinking the sun rises and sets on their every action in no time. They can also get really angry when their advances aren’t reciprocated.
  4. Virgo Intelligence, elegance, excellent communication skills, and strong sexual energy are just some of the things this zodiac sign has going for it on the flirting front. They know how to take full advantage of body language. They can let you know they’re hot for you without using a lot of words. Virgos usually have the power in the flirting scenario and can make you feel like you’re the one chasing them.
  5. Taurus People under this sign know how to flirt and they do it by building a friendship with you first. They’re not just interested in getting into your pants, they want to get to know you on a person to person level. The first thing you notice about them is their amazing personalities, which then turns into attraction. These guys are great at getting you to open up and let them in. They will make you laugh and feel comfortable until you find yourself thinking about them all the time.
  6. Gemini Words are the favorite weapon of choice for this sign when they flirt. When they mix it up with body language and jokes, they can make the person they like fall head over heels for them. They’re huge teases and can charm the pants off you with their moves. Sometimes, their flirting game can seem a little bit over the top, but you can always count on them being genuine. They can keep a conversation going on just about any subject under the sun and it usually flows smoothly.
  7. Capricorn Although people who fall under this sign are experts at flirting, they shine best over text. They can be a little shy, but people tend to see it as cute and endearing. They’re suave, smooth, and able to come up with the right response to get you weak in the knees. Their flirting style makes other people eager to peek behind the curtain and discover what makes them so cool. When face to face with the person they like, they give hints by stroking their body or hair.
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