7 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Silently Crush On Someone For Years Without Ever Making A Move

Think someone has feelings for you and aren’t sure why they won’t just speak up about it? Well, wonder no more because your answer might be right here. Each zodiac sign has its own unique way of pursuing a romantic interest, and being equipped with this information may be a game-changer in trying to decode their intentions. Here are 9 different examples of how a particular sign may act if they have a crush on you and why they may be keeping it to themselves.

  1. Capricorn Generally speaking, Capricorns are confident go-getters. They are aggressive in the workplace, working their way up the career ladder and focused on their goals. If they want you, this same level of energy is going to come your way. They are determined to get what they want in a borderline cocky way. Despite their Type-A exterior, however, they can be highly insecure and sensitive on the inside. If you’ve hurt them once before, they may continue to have hidden lingering feelings. Plus, they’re not likely to come back around if you’ve crushed them before.
  2. Pisces People who fall under this sign are hopeless romantics. They usually have the enthusiasm stored up for the idea of a fairytale love to make grand gestures to lure you in. If they choose to pine over you in silence, it’s likely because they’ve gone through a trail of heartbreaks from a slue of unrequited loves they had high hopes for and are temporarily burnt out. They’re holding onto this crush in private until their next burst of creative energy fuels the pursuit. Until then, they’re probably busy writing poems or ballads inspired by you in their diaries and planning your lives together in their daydreams.
  3. Taurus Tauruses are very loyal and attached when they choose to do so. They’re likely to find “The One,” settle down, and make no plans to move on, ever. So if this relationship fails, it’s going to be a hard hit. A Taurus who has been through a bad breakup or divorce is going to be even slower than ever to move forward. They may like you and be seriously interested, but letting go of the past is going to take an act of God. They’re likely to lurk in your life for a while until they gain the confidence to try again if this should ever occur.
  4. Cancer Cancers are very emotional. They can be just as idealistic about love as Pisces is. If they are interested in you, they’ve likely been showing it already, albeit in very subtle ways. You can expect small gifts and kind gestures from them. They may not be bold enough to vocalize their feelings though, and especially if they’ve felt a hint of rejection or hesitation before, they’re likely to retreat within themselves for a bit. If you’re looking for a solid public display of their affections, you’ll have to wait for when the mood strikes them to do so.
  5. Scorpio Scorpios are naturally skeptical of everyone and don’t like to waste their time. they’re also dominant go-getters like Capricorns. They aren’t likely to continue to crush on someone long with no chance of return. If they meet someone they see a future with, they’re likely to go all-in with a strong presence. If it doesn’t pan out, they will drop the whole thing just as quickly and close off that idea forever. You have a small window of opportunity to be let in by a Scorpio and shouldn’t expect anything to drag out for long periods.
  6. Gemini It’s untelling if an ongoing crush from this sign is genuine or not, but most likely the latter. Geminis are always playing games and may like you enough because you’re fun to be around, but otherwise aren’t serious enough to hold onto real feelings that long.
  7. Virgo Virgos are probably the #1 sign likely to be guilty of this, other than maybe a Cancer who has swung in a down mood. Virgos are perfectionists and highly self-critical. They may like you, but unless they feel a sense of complete assuredness of the relationship hitting it off and being 100% in order, they may stall on announcing their feelings. This could literally go on for years, as they are likely to never feel this level of confidence on their own and likely will drown in their own insecurities first.
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