Zombie-Opoly Is The Perfect Halloween Board Game You Never Knew You Needed

I feel like I may be in the minority here, but when it comes to board games, I love Monopoly. I know it takes forever and it can be really frustrating, but I think it’s a classic and I’m basically down for every version and variation of it there is. Lion King Monopoly? Sure thing. Wine-Opoly? Own it and love it. Same goes for Drink-Opoly. The one thing my collection was missing was a Halloween version. Then I discovered Zombie-Opoly and everything changed.

Come on, zombies are awesome. I know they’ve sorta gone out of style over the past couple of years since The Walking Dead isn’t quite as popular anymore, but zombies always have been and still remain really cool. Dead people who are actually alive because some virus is inhabiting their body? Sick! (And awesome.)

The playing pieces are amazing. Instead of the classic thimble, Scotty dog, etc. Zombie-Opoly comes with shovel, a severed ear, a femur bone, a lethal weapon, a zombie boy, and a human remnant. Super gross and I love it.

There are two versions of the game in one. If you don’t want to play a lengthy game that takes several hours or you’re pressed for time, Zombie-Opoly has a one-hour version so you can get your game in and get on with your life. Why you’d want to speed things up is beyond me, but I guess people do lead busy lives and all…

Instead of buying properties, you buy boxes of flesh. What do zombies love? Human flesh, of course. That’s what you’re trading in with this game. You can trade your boxes of flesh for a screaming human if you so choose, but you’ll need to think carefully if you want to win the game. After all, you could come back as a zombie or you could just get eaten alive by one. I’m not sure which option is worse.

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