This Zoo Will Name A Cockroach After Your Ex, Then Feed It To Meerkats On Valentine’s Day

Yes, it’s a little bit childish and kinda silly, but I’ll admit it: it feels good to name a cockroach after my ex because that’s exactly what he was. I did it last year via the Bronx Zoo and I plan on giving it another go this year with the El Paso Zoo since they’re offering a particular twist that I just can’t resist…

They won’t just name the cockroach, they’ll feed it to a meerkat. In addition to having a cockroach named Blake walking around, I get the absolute pleasure of knowing that on Valentine’s Day, that roach will be devoured by a hungry meerkat, never to be seen or heard from again. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

You get to watch cockroach be devoured. Not only with the El Paso Zoo display all the names they get sent from February 11, but you can head to the zoo’s Facebook page on February 14 and watch the roaches get eaten. Talk about an amazing Valentine’s Day present!

This year, there’s a twist. The offering was so popular last year that El Paso Zoo says they received more than 6,000 names, mostly from women who not only sent in the name of their exes but the name of the woman their exes cheated on them with. Bringing back the feature was a no-brainer, but the zoo has said this year they’re adding a little something extra special to the mix. “It has been modified this year,” a spokesman told ABC 7. “An official release on the roaches will be sent out this Sunday.” I can’t wait!

It’s just cathartic, man. As petty and ridiculous as this is — you can’t actually know which roach is “yours” and the roaches are none the wiser either — it is pretty hilarious to think about your ex being eaten by a meerkat, right? Even if you’ve moved on and life is amazing now, it doesn’t hurt to get one over on someone who screwed you over before.

Stay tuned to the El Paso Zoo’s website for an announcement on what this year’s twist will be. I bet it’s going to be good!

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