Zookeepers Moved Into A British Wildlife Park To Self-Isolate With The Animals For 12 Weeks

While we’re all under self-isolation and most businesses and attractions are closed, animals still need to be cared for. That’s why three zookeepers at Paradise Park, a wildlife park in Cornwall, England, decided to leave their families and move into the facility to look after the creatures living there for the next 12 weeks.

  1. Sarah-Jane, Izzy, and Emily are incredibly generous. They volunteered to stay at Paradise Park for the next three months to look after the 1,200 birds and mammals who live there, which is some serious dedication to the job. While they’re there, they’ll be getting help from some other keepers, though the Park has made it clear that they’re still observing all the relevant guidelines.
  2. There’s a house on-site for the zookeepers to live in. That’s good news! Thankfully, Sarah-Jane, Izzy, and Emily can stay in the house at the park so they’re just as comfortable as the animals they’re looking after. Who knows, they might never want to move out!
  3. They’re keeping the animals in routine. While the park isn’t open to outside visitors at the moment, the zookeepers are keeping the animals in their regular routine, doing daily penguin feedings and photocalls as normal. When one is feeding the penguins, the others pose as visitors, which definitely keeps things fun too.
  4. This is the first time the park has had to close and it’s unclear when the park will open again. While it’s clear that we’re in very uncertain times and we’re not sure what lies ahead, Paradise Park director Alison Hales hopes that the facility will bounce back soon. “The unknown is very worrying. Spring is usually a hopeful time where we get an influx of visitors and we can breathe a sigh of relief,” she explained. “It is now as if the rug has been pulled. I’m sure we will be ok. We are relying on the birds to show us the way. We will come out the other end.”
  5. If you want to help the park, you can donate online. Paradise Park is taking donations to pay for animal food and vet bills while there are no visitors buying tickets to fund these necessities. If you can spare any money, you can donate via their GoFundMe page HERE.

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