Guys, Is A Little Bit Of Romance Really Too Much To Ask For These Days?

They say that nice guys finish last, but these days, those nice guys are starting to truly stand out from the legions of jerks who seem to be taking over dating. Some guys might think being chivalrous, romantic and doting on a woman is for weaker guys, but the exact opposite is true — it’s actually sexy AF when a guy shows his feelings and makes an effort.

Romance is just genuine thoughtfulness. A lot of guys think that romance consists solely of musical serenades, reciting mushy handwritten poetry, and having bubble baths together by candlelight, but there are plenty of other options and ways to be romantic. It boils down to being genuinely thoughtful, and it’s as simple as offering to help us put on our coats or cooking a nice surprise dinner that you know we’ll like.

Cute and quick replies to texts will never go out of style. When a guy texts back quick and with cute emojis, it’s not a sign he’s desperate — it’s a sign he’s secure with himself and isn’t going to act like a moron to prove he’s a man. Believe it or not, showing emotions and expressing feelings in a genuine and consistent way makes women feel truly appreciated. It’s a welcome change from feeling constantly frustrated when waiting for a text back or questioning how many other women are in his rotation.

The unattainable player allure is dead. Perhaps the football team captain who had all the cheerleaders in his little black book was a dreamboat in high school, but as adults, that ship has sailed and women no longer appreciate a guy who’s dipping his parts all over town. These types of guys really need to realize that going girl to girl and never settling down is a giant red flag these days. Grow up.

Effort is attractive. When a guy picks up our favorite dessert or surprises us with flowers for no reason, we eat it up because it’s not only romantic, it shows that a guy was actually thinking about us and wants to put a smile on our faces. It’s infinitely better than the common jerk who’s just trying to get us into bed by lifting as few fingers as possible.

Newsflash: we actually like phone calls. Whoever said that phone calls are unwanted and annoying is completely delusional. It’s amazing when a guy actually picks up his phone and calls to hear our voices. Not only can we cover more ground in a quick phone call and get to know each other better, it’s also far superior than waiting hours for a lazy one-word response by text.

Dating is supposed to be about making someone feel special. It’s baffling how dating’s true purpose got lost in translation because these days, guys and girls are dating for pure sport instead of what it’s truly intended for: love. Sure, there might be women out there who are totally down with playing the field too, but many of us still long for that passion and romance that is supposed to go hand in hand with dating someone we actually like. If we’re not dating to find love, why are we dating at all?

If it’s not romantic and thoughtful, what’s the point? We get that there are some women out there who are into this whole hookup culture, but we wish guys would stop assuming that we’re all one and the same — it’s messing with the rest of us who are truly looking for something meaningful. We don’t want infrequent texting, lazy effort, and being made to feel like we’re disposable. We want to feel thought of, cared for, and desired, which is exactly why romantic guys prevail in this way.

We’re sick of being played by a**holes. When a romantic guy actually puts us first and doesn’t hesitate to commit is attention solely to us, it’s like a breath of fresh air — especially when we’re so used to fighting to be in someone’s number-one spot. That never happens with the romantic guys because they’re looking for exactly what we are. Though they’re harder to find, they make every crappy experience with a player worth it.

The good guys are the ones who will win in the end. At a certain point, our dating culture needs to shift, and right now, the romantic guys who actually give a sh*t are the guys who are going to take over. It’s not attractive to be a hookup-culture fanatic or a guy who plays hard to get anymore. In fact, it never was. We want simplicity and a thoughtfulness that’s tender and genuine. We want romance, and the guys with the romantic hearts are going to blow the liars, players, and bad guys of the dating waters.

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