10 Annoying Girlfriend Stereotypes That Shouldn’t Exist

Becoming someone’s girlfriend used to be pretty simple: you met a guy, you liked each other, and you committed to each other. These days, things don’t always work out quite so easily, thanks to the popularity of hooking-up and almost relationships. But one thing has definitely stayed the same: certain guys love to complain about their girlfriends. This is a disturbing trend and pretty sexist. Here are 10 annoying girlfriend stereotypes that definitely shouldn’t exist.

  1. We’re clingy. OK, maybe some girls are clingy, but those are the ones who are super desperate for a boyfriend (and any guy will do). The rest of us are content with the way our lives are going and with our daily journeys. We don’t need a boyfriend, but we want one – and there’s a huge difference. This idea that every woman is clingy really needs to be put to rest.
  2. We don’t have our own life. Here’s the honest truth: if you’re dating a woman who wants to see you every day and night and never seems to have anything else going on, that woman is definitely not girlfriend material. The rest of us, however, absolutely love our lives. We’re on a daily mission to find joy and success. If you’re our BF, we want the same for you, too. We want to live our lives while dating you, and there’s no reason why we can’t.
  3. We won’t let you see your friends. This is the old “ball and chain” joke about annoying girlfriends/wives and it’s only gotten more frustrating with time. Why wouldn’t we want you to hang out with your friends? What kind of monsters are we? Seriously, grab a beer with your buddy on Friday night. It’s totally cool. We can meet our girlfriends for cocktails or hang out at home with good old Netflix. We’ll survive, we promise.
  4. We’re anti-fun. For some reason, some guys think that once they call someone their girlfriend, they will never have any fun. Ever again. Instead of worrying about something that makes absolutely zero sense, why not be grateful that you’ve found a woman you care about, and make sure you’re having fun together? It’s not rocket science.
  5. We’re always in a bad mood. This one really bugs me, especially because I’ve gone on a lot of first dates when the guy was clearly in a horrible mood, and I was just trying to enjoy my evening. Every woman on the planet is obviously not in a bad mood every moment of the day. Of course we all have our moments but I’m pretty sure that guys do, too.
  6. We have tunnel vision re: marriage and babies. We actually don’t. Life would be really boring and lame if all we did ever day was update our vision boards about what wedding dress to wear and how to do our hair on the big day and exactly how many kids we want to have. If we’re at that stage and we’re engaged, sure, our wedding will occupy our mind a lot more, but that’s because it’ll be, you know, real. If you could stop worrying about every girl you meet wanting to marry you and have your babies, that would be great.
  7. We never want to do anything without you. News flash: we’re totally cool with going to the movies alone or attending an event by ourselves. Many of us need a ton of alone time and being in a relationship doesn’t change that. Sure, we want to spend time with you – we wouldn’t be with you if that wasn’t the case. But we can fly solo sometimes, too.
  8. All we do is nag and whine and complain. Look, if you’re an awesome boyfriend, we’re not going to drive you insane and nag you 24/7. That’s just not going to happen. It’s incredibly sexist to think that women are whiney. That’s refusing to see us as real human beings with feelings and thoughts and opinions.
  9. We’ll pressure you into reaching milestones. Every couple is different and every relationship has its own natural rhythm. Some people move in together after only one month, some wait three years. Some get engaged after a year and some never do. It’s all fine. It’s just plain weird if you think we’re going to force you into reaching the next stage of our relationship. It takes two to tango, after all. If take a big step, aren’t we doing so together? Since when is it only our decision?
  10. We worry about you all the time. Nope. We don’t. We have work to do, friends to catch up, and the new Justin Bieber album to listen to. We’re a little busy and besides, it’s 2015. We don’t obsess over every little thing a guy does the way we used to, or didn’t you notice?
Aya Tsintziras is a freelance lifestyle writer and editor. She shares gluten-free, dairy-free recipes and personal stories on her food blog, ahealthystory.com. She loves coffee, barre classes and pop culture.