10 Traits That Give Men The Best Chances Of Scoring With Us

10 Traits That Give Men The Best Chances Of Scoring With Us ©iStock/Anchiy

Every man wants to have a beautiful woman on his arm, but most of them don’t actually know how to approach us — at least not in a way that makes us actually want to get with them. It’s not that they’re terrible guys without any redeeming qualities, but they don’t really know how to project anything but the bad ones. It doesn’t have to be this way. What women want is actually pretty simple, and if guys have any combination of the following qualities, we’ll likely be more than willing to give them a chance.

  1. He’s got a commanding presence.  It’s no secret that women love a man with an air of confidence and power. Whether or not he’s actually in a position of authority, it certainly makes us feel like he is, and that’s enough to get us interested. A guy doesn’t need to be the epitome of success to be sexy, but the ability to walk into a room knowing what he wants, what he’s there for, and the intention of getting it (without being a douchebag about it) will nearly always guarantee we response positively.
  2. He knows how to dress. Not every man needs to dress like he’s got a personal stylist, but he should be put together and not look like he just rolled out of bed when he leaves the house. Every woman loves to see a well-dressed and well-groomed man.
  3. He can hold a conversation. Women love to have our minds stimulated, our thoughts provoked, and our dreams illustrated through words. Therefore, if he can interact with us and open our minds during initial conversation, the rest of her will follow suit.
  4. He makes you laugh. Being a funny guy can work to his advantage. With so many crappy things going on in the world these days, laughter is more than welcome. He shouldn’t overdo it – he doesn’t have to be the “comedy hour” for the room, but a subtle joke or statement to make us smile when he initially approaches us can open a door for him.
  5. He can teach you something. If he’s the guy who knows random trivia, watches nature shows, or just knows a lot about life and business, these things are interesting to women. These are all great conversation starters and will keep us intrigued by him and his mind and make us want to be around him more.
  6. He’s got a spontaneous streak. The monotony of a day can get to the best of us, and we often find ourselves bored with life. Guys have the ability to come into our lies and be the “something different” that we need to break the boring cycle of our days.
  7. He pays attention to what you have to say.  This is something that men some times have an issue with If he wants to win us over, he’ll have to be invested in what we’re doing and saying. Men often overlook a woman’s makeup changes, hair color switches, style upgrades, or even weight loss… all of which gain him points with us when he notices these things.
  8. He surprises you by doing the unexpected.  These days, chivalry is all but dead, so simple things such as opening doors, pulling out chairs, or texting to say what a nice time he had on a date count, and will go a long way in making us more intrigued and interested in taking things further.
  9. He’s original and not like other guys. To get our attention, a guy first and foremost needs to be himself. There is only one him for a reason. It may seem like guys are impressing women with money, cars, influence, and popularity, but nothing works better than just being himself and showing us what makes him different than the others.
  10. He’s not desperate. Being desperate isn’t attractive to women. Once we declines your advances, he needs to know when to give up. There are millions of women in the world, so he shouldn’t be so consumed with one that he earns the “thirsty” stamp before he knows it.