10 Dating Habits Of Women Who Genuinely Want Love

10 Dating Habits Of Women Who Genuinely Want Love ©iStock/CoffeeandMilk

Women who are serious about finding love date differently than the rest. Are you serious or just playing around? If you mean business, chances are you do these things:

  1. They don’t play texting games.At a certain point, you realize that withholding your responses for hours just to “intrigue” a man wasn’t authentic. If you’re free to respond, you will. If you want to be the first to text a guy in the morning to wish him a good day ahead, you will. You know that love is what you want and that to get it, you need to be real and genuine.
  2. They ask thoughtful questions in an effort to get to know a guy.You’ll ask him about his family life and what growing up was like. You want to know who he is deep beneath the surface. While small talk is always a safe bet, you want to know more to determine if you’re wasting her time, but also because you actually care about who he is as a person.
  3. They remember the little things he mention.If he tells you that the scar on his knee is from that one time he fell off his bike when he was seven, you’ll remember it forever. You’re dating as if every great person you meet could be the forever story, so you’ll happily retain all the memories, moments, and details along the way.
  4. They asks men out, too.You won’t always wait for a guy to ask you out. If you like him and like dating you, you’re going to reciprocate all the gestures — and this includes planning and asking him to do fun things with you. You know it has to go both ways if it’s going to be anything serious (and because he deserves to feel wanted, too).
  5. You pay him compliments.When you’re truly interested in finding love, you make sure the guy you’re dating feels as great as you do in his company. You’ll compliment his fresh haircut, his new sweater or sometimes you’ll tell him that he’s handsome just because. Compliments and flattery are an important part of not just dating, but in making someone feel cared about, and you know it.
  6. They’ll invite guys into their lives.When you start to get comfortable around him, you won’t hesitate to invite him into the spaces of your life that have room for you in it. Your daily errands, your home, and even your social events will be places you’ll be happy to have him on her arm.
  7. They’ll take an interest in his interests.The woman who’s looking for the long haul won’t snub the things a guy is into at face value. You might have separate interests, but you’ll make a genuine effort to fit into his life and hobbies just as you invites him into yours.
  8. They offer to pick up the dinner bill.A woman who’s genuinely looking for love isn’t just going to let the guy she’s with pay the whole way. You want to reciprocate. You want to show him you’re just as invested as he is in spending quality and fun time together. You’re not just taking his wallet for a spin.
  9. They’re not dating multiple guys at once.When you’re really looking for love, you focus on one person at a time, and you won’t hesitate to tell him, either. It’s because you know adding other people in the mix is only going to add confusion and take away from truly seeing who he is without any distractions.
  10. They treat guys like you want to be treated.You treat them with the kindness and respect you want for yourself because you know that for a story of real love to unfold, it has to be genuine and real all the way. You’ll date someone in a way that’s thoughtful and innocent, because if you tell your story to your grandkids one day, you want it to be a happy once upon a time to the ever after.