10 Different Roles Your Boyfriend Should Play In Your Relationship

10 Different Roles Your Boyfriend Should Play In Your Relationship iStock

You want to find a meaningful relationship, but sometimes that means you end up putting some pretty intense expectations on the guy you end up dating. Love, respect, and care are must-haves for any solid couple, but your list is much longer than that. In fact, if he wants to do what it takes to be considered a good boyfriend, there are several roles your guy needs to play — and he needs to play them well.

  1. Your best friend. Yes, you’ve got your girls (and hopefully you’re still nourishing those relationships), but you still believe that your boyfriend should double as your best friend. He should be one person who can make you smile, make you laugh, and make you feel better after a rough day. It only seems fair.
  2. Your nurse. When you’re sick, your boyfriend should be willing to make you soup and plug in the laptop when the battery runs low during your Netflix marathons. He should take you to your doctor and pick up your prescription for you. He doesn’t have to be your caretaker all year long, but he should rise to the occasion when you need him.
  3. Your partner in crime. This is one of the most important roles your boyfriend should play. In a serious relationship, you need to make joint decisions. You’re partners, which means you have to consult each other before making any big, life-altering decisions. You wouldn’t dream of buying a house or quitting your job without talking it through with him first.
  4. Your teacher. Even if you two have a lot in common, there must be a few skills he possesses that you don’t have. Maybe he knows how to change a tire or bake a cheesecake. Whatever talents he has, he should be willing to teach you. You’re not looking for a mansplainer or for a guy who’s condescending and has his head up his own ass. However, learning is what life’s all about, and you want a guy with knowledge to spare.
  5. Your student. Your guy shouldn’t be the only one doing the teaching. You have plenty of cool skills and knowledge that you can pass on to him, as well. The more he learns from you, the more he’ll appreciate the fact that he has you in his life. This kind of reciprocity really helps to keep long-term connections strong.
  6. Your psychiatrist. Shrinks are expensive. That’s why your boyfriend should be open to listening to you rant about your problems and brag about your successes. He should always be willing to hear what you have to say because it can bring you two closer together. However, while this is one of many roles your boyfriend should play, it should also go without saying that he’s not actually a mental health professional and if you’re struggling in a real way, you need to book an appointment with someone who’s licensed.
  7. Your knight in shining armor. When you hear a strange noise in the middle of the night, your boyfriend should volunteer to check it out for you. When you get a flat tire, he should change it for you (or at least dial AAA for you). He should be willing to help you out whenever you need his assistance. That’s not to say that you can’t look after yourself because you most definitely can. However, he should be willing to swoop in and help when needed.
  8. Your cheerleader. When you have a job interview to attend, your boyfriend should do whatever he can to boost your confidence beforehand. He should get you pumped up to remind you that you can accomplish anything. He should be your biggest supporter and your biggest fan.
  9. Your boy toy. Your boyfriend should be open to trying new things in the bedroom if he knows they’d make you happy. He should also be willing to go down on you, even if it means he doesn’t get to orgasm for the day. Of all the roles a boyfriend should play, this is one of the most important (and one of the most fun for both of you).
  10. Your admirer. Your boyfriend doesn’t have to surprise you with flowers and chocolates at work. However, he should give you thoughtful kisses on the forehead and let you pick the movie to watch on Friday nights. He should do little things to remind you he cares.
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