10 Obnoxious Things Women With Type A Personalities Have To Deal With On A Daily Basis

Type A personalities often get a bad reputation for being overbearing and impatient, but we can’t help how we are. It can be really difficult for us to function in a world that moves so much slower than we do and doesn’t seem to care about getting stuff done. As we navigate said society, trying hard to stave off our impending heart attacks, we discover new challenges and struggles every day.

We’re always on a mission, and other people just don’t understand.

If you ask us to hang out when we had plans of going home and getting some work done on a personal project, we groan inwardly and our stress levels rise. Yes, we could put off that project, but we don’t want to. If we do give in to your pressure and go to the social event, we’re just going to stress the entire time about all the productivity we’re losing and then leave early to get that project done. We know it doesn’t make sense to you, but we feel better when we’ve accomplished what we set out to, and that feeling of accomplishment is what keeps us going.

We can’t deal with people who are always late.

Type A personalities like to be on time or a bit early for everything. On the very rare occasion that we’re late, it’s because something legitimately out of our control happened, such as a spontaneous nosebleed or a flat tire, and we’ve already had several small heart attacks over our own lateness. However, everyone has that one friend who’s late for everything, and it completely baffles and annoys us. How is it not possible for you to calculate how much time it takes to get ready, how long the drive is (in normal traffic), and how long it will take you to park and walk to the destination?

We can’t “make ourselves at home” if your home is extremely messy.

Type A personalities like everything to be as close to perfect as possible, and that includes living in a clean home. Therefore, if you invite us over and your place looks like a tornado hit it, don’t even bother telling us to make ourselves at home. We can’t, and just being around such a huge mess is making us uneasy. Next time, we’ll make sure it’s our turn to host in our nice clean place.

Waiting in long lines makes us die a little inside.

We’re constantly on the go, and we want to move from one task to the next as quickly as possible in order to maximize our efficiency. When we’re stuck waiting in a long line for something that’s absolutely necessary, we stress a lot over the things we could be getting done in the extra 10-15 minutes. Telling us to take a chill pill isn’t helpful unless you’re actually handing us a Valium.

We get severe road rage, even while walking.

Commuting or walking is a means of getting from point A to point B for us, not a leisurely stroll. When we get behind people who want to drive 10 under the speed limit or walk really slowly in front of us, we go into road rage mode and anxiously look for an opportunity to get past you. It’s even worse if you insist on holding hands while walking super slowly in the middle of the freaking sidewalk so it’s hard for anyone to get past you. In the words of Ludacris, “Move, bitch! Get out the way!”

We hate having conversations about nothing.

Small talk is fine for a couple minutes, but then the conversation has to be real and important to hold our interest and be worth our precious time. We hate getting roped into long conversations about things we consider to be trivial, especially long phone conversations. Because of this, type A people are more likely to text than call. We love texting because it’s a short, quick and efficient means of communication.

When we’re single, we’re single af.

Because we have so little patience for non-essential activities and people, it’s hard for us to rationalize prioritizing a date with a guy we barely know over the project we’ve been planning in our heads. In our heads, completing the project is 100% guaranteed to make us happy, while the date could be both a disaster and a waste of a few precious hours. Therefore, we usually end up doing our own thing. A guy is going to have to really impress us to make us choose a date with him over an evening alone getting something important done.

We’re our own worst enemies, and no amount of condolences will change that.

We tend to be really hard on ourselves when we feel like we’ve failed, and it shows. We appreciate you trying to console us, but it won’t work. When we’re lamenting a failure, we need to just take some time to regroup and build ourselves up to succeed next time. Unfortunately, nobody can do it for us and we do require alone time in order to process the failure and prepare for tomorrow’s success.

We have zero tolerance for incompetence.

We often have to do everything ourselves, because other people will just do it wrong and make us facepalm. We do appreciate your effort, but we want everything to be done right and very few people are on the same page as we are in that regard. It’s usually easier to just do everything ourselves than to walk someone else through all the steps of doing it right.

Our quirks tend to make us loners, but we want to be loved, too.

We know that we’re different and hard to understand, but we do have friendships that mean the world to us, and they’re with the people who accept us as we are rather than trying to change us. When you’ve shown us that you care, you’ll get added to our priority list and included in the important parts of our lives. When that happens, you’ll have a friend for life because we don’t give up on anyone or anything that’s important to us.

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