10 Reasons Taylor Swift Is The Ultimate Relationship Role Model

Taylor Swift used to be famous for crunchy curls, country songs, and detailing each and every one of her heartbreaks in excruciating details. Now, she’s better known for being the spirit animal of cool girls everywhere, including her superstar best friends. Whether you’ve loved Taylor since the beginning notes of “Teardrops On My Guitar,” or your obsession started with her rock star rebellion in “Red,” she’s the go-to when you’re searching for a soundtrack post break-up. Here’s why Taylor’s evolution made her the ultimate relationship role model.

  1. She’s been through everything you have.  Sure, we have Beyoncé to emulate, and Lorde to look up to — but while we’ll never be quite as glamorous as Queen Bey, or as moodily brilliant as Lorde, Taylor’s one of us. She’s obsessed with all of the same celebrities we love (c’mon, admit it, you would give anything to join her girl gang), thinks an exciting day involves a Netflix marathon, and has gone through all the same boy troubles we have, ad nauseam.
  2. “Blank Space” is the break up anthem that dreams are made of. It’s entirely expected that you’ve dreamed of texting your ex every single Blank Space lyric. Don’t worry, subtweeting them is just as effective, mentally. Not only did Taylor basically troll the media by satirizing the image of her that they created, she did it in a big, creative way, with the perfect music video. Catchy lyrics, a dream estate going down in flames, and super chic outfit changes, all while enacting revenge on the boys who’ve wronged her along the way. Admit it — Blank Space made a Starbucks lover out of you.
  3. She realized it’s okay to be a little bit crazy. After being called crazy a couple hundred times, it’s easy to embrace the label. In Blank Space she went completely rogue, showing that girls really do have more fun when they’re not scared of scaring someone. In fact, the entirety of 1989 embraces all of the insane emotions that come with dating (and breaking up with) someone new.
  4. Her move to New York proved that everyone needs a little independence.  Every girl dreams of moving to New York one day, especially after a few too many Gossip Girl episodes. Not only has Taylor made the move that every twenty-something contemplates, she’s totally upped her style game. Red lips and classic fashion has become her go-to uniform (and every fashion girl needs her own look), which means that she never seems out of place, whether she’s hosting a tea party for her besties or on the red carpet. The evolution from sparkly prom-style gowns to super chic retro-wear is complete.
  5. She doesn’t dress for dudes. Even though she’s in NYC, she’s kept her own style completely. There’s no way you would confuse her with other celebrities, because certain outfits are totally Taylor. It’s understandable if her daily cat walks have you searching for the perfect fitted crop tops to pair with matching skater skirts. The red lips are the ultimate proof that she doesn’t care about dating, because a make out session with all that makeup would end in disaster.
  6. Taylor realizes knows the importance of maintaining her friendships. Taylor seriously rocked the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, along with her bestie/doppelgänger Karlie Kloss. (They’re proof that best friends start turning into each other over time.) Girlfriend is definitely not on the bleachers these days, and she proved it on the runway. Pretty sure every boy she’s ever dated watched it and weeped. Any girl who’s ever been abandoned by a best friend who starts dating someone new realizes how important it is to maintain your friendships, even when you’re head over heels for somebody.
  7. She can throw a mean party with or without a boyfriend. Another day, another Taylor Swift party you wish you were invited to. If you’re following along on Instagram, you’ve seen the birthday party that had appearances from everyone from Beyoncé to Sam Smith (can you imagine the musical magic that has the potential to happen there?), and the tea party with Selena Gomez and Haim. Even if you’re beyond jealous of her regular hangs with everyone from Lena Dunham to Jaime King (she’s even her future babies godmother), there’s always the potential that you’ll be given an invitation. After all, Taylor’s famous for giving Swifties surprise gifties, from helping to pay their student loans to inviting them to private listening parties. No matter how exclusive her crew might seem, there’s the secret hope that you’ll one day infiltrate it and become an official member of the gang.
  8. Her friendships are just like ours (if we had matching VS lingerie). While it’s America’s favorite pastime (much like baseball) to seriously study all of her relationships, Taylor took a much-needed breather from dating and is making 2015 the year of the bestie. Let’s be honest — no one likes that girl who always needs a boyfriend and can’t be happy independently, including Taylor. Plus, just like our friends, Taylor never seems to take herself too seriously. While other celebs are posting daily pouty mouthed selfies, Taylor’s ‘gram game is more about having the most fun ever.
  9. Her time off from dating inspired her ~creatively~. By going it alone (not entirely, she does have her celebrity posse and beyond adorable kitten) she proved that not only can she create awesome music minus the heartbreak, she can be ridiculously happy. The recipe for a perfect spirit animal is equal parts relatable and aspirational, and Taylor Swift has it all. Sure, she may have Calvin Harris now, but that doesn’t mean that she needs a boyfriend.
  10. She’s no longer just a go-to for revenge anthems (although she’ll always be the soundtrack to a broken heart). She’s there when you’re getting ready in the morning, and getting ready to go out that night, pumping you up and letting you know that being completely independent is consistently cool, whether you’re a celebrity with an adorable kitten and a whole slew of celebrity ex-boyfriends or a just an everyday it girl who believes in being happy in her own skin.
Margaret is a freelance writer who covers pop culture and fashion in New York City and currently writes for Page Six's Style section. Her work has been featured in Teen Vogue, xoJane, and Racked. She tweets about her crippling caffeine addiction and teen TV obsession here: @margaretabrams