10 Reasons To Be Grateful For Your BFF

10 Reasons To Be Grateful For Your BFF ©iStock/Pekic

Your BFF is your confidant, your sister-from-another-mister and your rock when life gets rough. Adult life means you can’t always be attached at the hip, but the bond you share is so deep and meaningful that you may as well be. You wouldn’t be the great girl you are today if your best friend wasn’t there to help you get through the ups and downs. Here’s why your BFF is the reason you’ve made it to where you are:

  1. She’s your personal cheerleader… Whether you want to advance your career with more classes or hook up with that hot bartender from your regular watering hole, she knows you can do it. No matter what your mission, she’s right there with you shouting, “Get it, girl!”
  2. … And your partner in crime. You two have spent your share of late nights getting into a little innocent mischief and she never questions your bad ideas. She’s right there beside you, getting into trouble and securing your alibis.
  3. Your relationship is judgment-free. Whether you haven’t washed your hair in a week or you’re hooking up with yet another random bro, she couldn’t possibly look at you any different. She never questions your morals because she knows in her heart of hearts that you’re a good person.
  4. She’s your personal therapist. Who needs to pay a stranger to unload your stresses when you have a BFF? She’ll listen to you whine about your miseries for hours because she knows that if she needed to talk, you’d be there to listen to her problems just the same. It’s always give and take when it comes to venting.
  5. She knows you well enough to lie with you (or for you). Whether you’re teenagers sneaking off on a road trip or you run into your boss when you play hooky one day to have a girls’ lunch, your BFF is right there beside you padding that lie to make it believable. All it takes is a look and you’re on the same wavelength.
  6. She always tells you the truth. When you’re having an existential crisis, you can always count on your BFF to drop the truth bomb. She isn’t going to sugar coat anything because she knows that the honesty will help you out in the long run.
  7. She loves you when you’re unlovable. Even when you’re at your worst, your BFF will still see you as the best. You’re her favorite person, and it doesn’t matter if you’re down and out — she loves you just the same.
  8. She always brings out the best in you. Your BFF doesn’t just love you for who you are, she helps you become the best version of yourself. Having an unbreakable bond with her keeps you at the top of your game in everything you do.
  9. She taught you how to fight without destroying the relationship. Friendship isn’t all sunshine and rainbows — that crap can get ugly and there are probably more than an handful of bad arguments under your belt. But you and your BFF know that no matter what you’re fighting about, you’ll always be each other’s person, and that teaches you to hold your ground without verbally shooting to kill.
  10. They make your successes better and your failures easier to handle. When you win, she celebrates just as much — if not more — than you celebrate yourself. And when you lose, she’s there to help you pick up the pieces and play again.
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