10 Selfie Trends That Need To Die

People are serious about their right to take selfies. While it’s perfectly normal to want to snap a photo of yourself if you’re feeling extra cute one day, the fact remains that your social media followers don’t care to see multiple pictures of your face every single day. Nevertheless, you’re free to do you— and everyone else is free to judge you for it (kidding… kind of). Selfie trends will come and go like the seasons, but there are a few awful types of selfies that are just plain cliche, and should be avoided at all costs. Think long and hard before jumping on one of these selfie trend bandwagons, because guaranteed, everyone is rolling their eyes at you.

  1. The duck face selfie. If you still think pouting your lips like a duck makes you look hot, you must be delusional. There are literally thousands of internet slideshows making fun of girls and their duck faces. Get it together.
  2. The gym selfie. Taking a selfie to keep track of your progress is perfectly acceptable. Smart even. But what makes you think everyone needs to see your new workout tank top and strategically angled neon pink Nikes? Good for you for working out. But no one else gives a damn.
  3. The #nomakeup selfie. Posting makeup selfies seems more productive because you’re actually sharing new techniques you’ve learned or a cool new lipstick shade. But your face without makeup literally looks the same every time. One is plenty.
  4. The belfie. Again… if you’re tracking your squat challenge progress, cool. If you just want to show all your followers your ass from every angle? Stop it.
  5. The bathroom selfie. Mirror selfies in general are just embarrassing. But it’s even worse when people can see the toilet in the background. At least use a mirror that’s not in the same room you do your private business in.
  6. The “I’m asleep” selfie. If you’re asleep then WHO TOOK THE PICTURE?! Did someone sneak in, use your phone to take a picture of you sleeping, and then sneak back out? If so, you need to think about getting you locks changed.
  7. The #aftersex selfie. The extent of NO ONE CARES with this one can’t be stressed enough. If you want to commemorate really good sex with a selfie, fine, go ahead. But don’t make people look at it. TMI at its finest.
  8. The car selfie. It’s pretty hard to drive when you keep catching a glimpse of your sexy face in the rear view mirror. Selfie cravings can hit at any time, even when you’re at a red light, and the best way to quench that thirst is to snap a quick photo. If it will help you focus on the road, then by all means, go for it. Just make sure you’re in park.
  9. The dangerous animal selfie. You heard the story about the guy who was slapped with a $153,000 hospital bill after he was bitten by a rattlesnake while trying to take a selfie with it. Don’t be that guy.
  10. The #IWokeUpLikeThis selfie. We all know you’re lying. Even Beyonce.
By day, Courtney is a digital marketing copywriter living in Toronto, Canada. By night, she's a freelance lifestyle writer who, in addition to Bolde.com, contributes regularly to AmongMen.ca, IN Magazine, and SheBlogs Canada. Want to chat about relationships, Stephen King or your favorite true crime podcast/documentary/book? She's on Twitter @courtooo.