10 Signs You’re Bored With Your Boyfriend

Falling in love is great, but it doesn’t always last forever. You might enter a relationship with the best of intentions, only to find that a year or two down the line, the butterflies are long gone and they’ve been replaced by deep and depressing boredom. It’s not that he’s done anything wrong, it’s just that you’re not really feeling it anymore.

You never have anything to talk about. 

In a healthy relationship, you feel like there’s never enough time to cover everything you want to say. When your relationship is failing, you’ll often experience the opposite. The conversation suddenly dries up and you fund yourself struggling to fill the silence.

You always seem to be too tired for sex. 

Sex used to be invigorating for you, but now it’s just draining. After a long day, the only reason you want to get between the sheets is to close your eyes and get to bed early.

You start keeping an eye out for a “backup guy.” 

When you meet a guy that’s cute and available, you imagine what it would be like to date him. You immediately feel a twinge of guilt, but you still can’t help feeling relieved at the idea that there are still some great single guys out there.

Your boyfriend’s eccentricities used to be cute, but now they’re just annoying. 

You used to think it was adorable that he would end every text message with five emojis, but now you’re starting to just think it’s a little weird.

You feel like he just doesn’t understand you. 

You try to explain your emotions and he says he understands, but you’re not convinced that he does. Sometimes you feel like he just doesn’t get you on the deeper level that you were hoping for from a partner.

Your communication isn’t what it used to be. 

There was a time when your heart would beat faster when you saw that he was calling. Now, you hardly ever speak on the phone and even your text messages are short and practical instead of philosophical and romantic.

You feel like you’re just pretending sometimes. 

You put on a happy face, but your heart isn’t always in it.

You don’t miss him when he’s gone. 

In fact, you’re a little bit relieved when he bails on you to spend a night out with the guys or when you get to take a business trip for work.

You have nagging doubts. 

You’re not exactly sure what it is, but you just know that something is missing. Maybe that little voice in your head is picking up on something that your heart just doesn’t want to admit.

You keep on coming up with reasons why you’re not ready to take the next step in your relationship. 

Whether it’s moving in together, getting engaged, or another big step, you keep on making excuses for why now isn’t a good time. Maybe there’s more to it than that. Ask yourself what the underlying reasons are for your indecision. The sooner you make your decision, the sooner you can move on.

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